Anna: Fat LipMature

“She’s here” I called as I saw a dark haired, attractive woman coming up the path.

“Someone get that!” Cara shouted as the sound of the doorbell rang out throughout the entire house. A door creaked open downstairs and I had a feeling that Ali was the one going for the door; I leapt to my feet and hurried after her, catching up just as she opened the door one hand on her hip.

“Yes?” She said in a tone of voice that said quite clearly that she didn’t want Sam there.

“I’m here to pick up Cara, she’s expecting me?” Sam said uncertainly.

“I suppose you better come in then” Ali said, sighing heavily, opening the door wide and allowing Sam entrance then slamming the door shut whilst glowering at Sam. Sam didn’t see this however as she had at that moment spotted me and I gave her a warm smile.

“Hey, I think we have met”

“Yeah we have but only briefly, you weren’t conscious then but how are you feeling now?”

I laughed, “Much better now thanks, so….” She stopped, shifting her gaze from side to side, “Where is Cara”

“She’ll be out in a minute” Ali said in a sour voice, “You can wait here” she said before stalking off, standing further down the hall and away from everyone.

“Sorry about her” I said quietly so that only Sam would hear and before she could reply Cara’s door creaked open and Cara came out.

“Hey” she breathed

“Hi” Sam said smiling warmly at Cara before giving her a tender and loving kiss. For the second time when I watched Cara kissing another girl I remembered how soft Cara’s lips had been when she had kissed me and although it was only a short time that I was dating her …. It had been special.

“Shall we go?”

"Yeah, see you guys,” Cara said cheerily closing the front door with her left hand as her right was intertwined with Sam's left. As soon as the door snapped shut and I had watched Cara and Sam out of sight I rounded on Ali, only to find that she had gone into her bedroom. I stalked towards Ali’s (or rather my old) room and hammered loudly on it.

The door flew open and Ali stood, arms folded and the same sour look she had worn when talking to Sam was still plastered all over her ugly face.

“What?” she spat, flecks of spit actually splattering my face.

“What is your problem?”

“At the moment, you!” she said attempting to close the door but I jammed my foot in the way stopping her from shutting the door.

“You were downright vile towards Sam then, she might be too polite to say anything but I’m not!”

“It’s not your business why I acted how I did now move your foot before I break it!”

“Woah two bone breaking threats in one day, feel big and clever do we?” I said taking a step towards her. “Any intention of carrying out any of these threats Ali?”

Ali took a step forward, her fists shaking with suppressed rage and before I had time to react her fist made contact with my lip. I stumbled back a few paces in shock; blood gushed uncontrollably from my now bleeding lip and was threatening to stain my brand new white top that I was wearing.

Leanne had heard the commotion and had rushed out of the living room, just in time to stop me lunging at Ali.

“Shit Anna, your lip”

“It’s a good job you’re a lousy aim” I said to Ali wincing at the pain coming from my throbbing lip, then I turned to Leanne, “Can you get me a piece of kitchen roll that I can hold on my lip please” I said trying not to move my mouth much as blood kept dripping into my mouth every time that I did.

“Yeah I will do but I think it will need stitches Anna, I’m taking you to the hospital” she said

“No, its fine”

“I am not taking no for an answer and YOU!” she turned to face Ali who was attempting to skulk back into her bedroom, “You are a right nasty piece of work, and I want you to apologise!”

“Lea, leave it!” I said pulling her away, if you insist on taking me to A&E then come on … lets go”

Leanne gave up trying to get Ali to say sorry, grabbed some kitchen roll and her keys from the kitchen and we both left in her car …. This was going to be a long night if I was to be spending it waiting in the A&E department waiting to be seen.  

The End

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