Cara: 2nd Date.Mature

My phone rang and I practically dropped the mic in the scrabble to reach it. Jak made as though he was going to go for it, a cheeky grin on his face, so I launched myself across to the table.

"Hello?" I said, having answered it.

"Hey Cara, it's Sam."

"Oh hey." I smiled, batting away Jak as he tried to take the phone and trying to sound cool. "You finished work?"

"Yes. I thought you might like to watch a film or something."

"I'd like that. What film?"

"I thought we'd just go and be spontaneous."

"Alright, I can be spontaneous. So do you want to meet at the cinema or..."

"I could pick you up?"

I grinned and tried not to giggle as Jak pretended to be me and started pulling embarrassingly bad faces that clearly were what he thought I looked like when having sex.

"Really? That would be so great."

"Pick you up at six?"

That gave me an hour.

"Yeah, see you then." I grinned, feeling the happiness bubbling inside.

"Alright. See you."

She put down the phone and I immediately leapt on Jak.

"You're such a dick!" I cried, pretending to beat him up.

"Help! Liam, get her off me!"

Liam just chuckled.

"Sorry Jak mate, you're on your own. I wouldn't stand a chance against her."

I stopped attacking Jak and sprang up.

"I have to get ready... what do I wear? Do I stay in this? What if she changes?"

Anna leapt up, that same business like look on her face she'd had this morning.

"Come on."

"No no, I know! She's coming to pick me up so I'll lay out possibles and then change when I see her coming, so that I match what she wears."

"Honestly, girls!" Callum muttered, rolling his eyes.

"In fairness to her, she's never been like this before. Sam must be pretty special." Anna smiled.

"Or pretty good in bed..." Jak commented.I threw a cushion at him then ran to my room.


"She's here!" Anna called and I ran in to the living room to peer out the window. She had indeed changed, and I noted that her style was clearly smart because she had on another shirt and some smart black trousers. She did however have converse on.

"Shit, shit, shit!" I ran in to my room and began throwing off my clothes. There was a knock on the door. "Someone get that?" I yelled. I heard someone doing so. I zipped up my jeans and threw on the nice top. I checked my panicked face in the mirror. God I looked wild. It would have to do. I grabbed my bag and went to the door.

Sam was in the corridor, and Ali and Anna were stood with her.

"Hey." I breathed.

"Hi." She smiled and I took her hand. A quick kiss later and I was already blushing. I hadn't eaten, hoping we might eat afterwards. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah. See you guys." I followed her out, still holding her hand. I was so happy right now.

The End

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