Anna: Trying To Be NiceMature

I was glad to see Cara so happy, I was content in the knowledge that this Sam girl had gained the affection of my closest friend and that she liked Cara in return. I was glad that things were finally calming down and getting back to normality, I was sick of the constant drama that seemed to surround our everyday lives and poke its nose into our love lives. I was happy to just be able to sit with Leanne listening to the band practice their new song, Cara belting out every single note with such enthusiasm.

After two hours of solid practicing the band decided to have a break, which was probably a good idea as Cara’s voice seemed to be growing hoarse through singing, my mouth was dry from just watching them so I pulled myself off the couch and went into the kitchen to make a cuppa.

As I was pouring the steaming water into a mug, Ali came into the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the draining board and filled it with cold water and then splashed a drop of orange cordial. I noticed at once that something wasn’t right, normally when in a room with Ali alone she would scowl at me and say some snide comment which would endeavor to get my temper flaring however today she didn’t say a word. Moreover there were dark smudges underneath her eyes and they were red, she’s been crying.

“Ali?” I said tentatively taking a small step towards her but keeping out of grabbing distance from her, I didn’t want to get hit if she was in a foul mood. “Have you been crying?”

“No” she said curtly, draining the last of her orange cordial and then proceeding to fill her glass up with water again.

“You’re makeup is all smudged, you’ve been crying,”

“What’s it to you if I have?” she snapped and I flinched slightly at the violent tone suddenly present in her voice.

“I’m just trying to be friendly and I can see that you’re upset about something, I just thought I could help”

“Well I don’t want your help” she said waspishly, “I suggest you keep your big fat nose out, unless you want it broken!” Ali threatened and I stepped backwards.

“What’s going on?” Liam asked, hanging in the doorway to the lounge, “How long does it take to get a drink  you two? We’re going to practice some more.”

“Oh, coming” I said to Liam, glad for any excuse to leave the room, I knew that Ali wouldn’t threaten me in a room full of people, and I would be careful not to be in the same room as her, lest I wanted my nose breaking.

I sat back down next to Leanne on the sofa and took a calming sip of tea, Leanne snaked her arm around me and pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head lovingly.

“Are you okay Anna?” Cara asked looking at me, a concerned look on her face. I brushed her off by nodding and giving her a fake smile which I don’t think she believed and I knew she would question me about it later. I took another sip of tea and listened to the band as they started practicing, casting fleeting looks at Ali who scowled back.

The End

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