Cara: Another timeMature

"Thirty minutes is definitely not long enough for a date." I complained as we stood outside 'Pieces', the gallery Sam worked at.

"I agree. Which is why we should definitely have another one."

"Tonight to soon?" I asked innocently, grinning at her lips as they curved invitingly.

"You read my mind." She leaned forward and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her neck to prolong it and felt her hands in the small of my back."Be my girlfriend." She muttered as she released me, her eyes still closed.

I was taken aback, not that I hadn't expected it, but I never really thought she'd ask. I just figured she and I would both just... fall in to place.

"Yes." I muttered feeling such happiness that I instantly had to kiss her again, to show her how I felt.

"I have to go now, but I'll call you later, and we can decide on our date then?"

"I look forward to it."

"Good." She kissed me one last time, then went in to the gallery. I watched for a second as she walked across the floor full of confidence and pride, and then almost skipped back to the house. I burst through the door and startled Liam, who was in the corridor.

"Cara! You look happy!"

"Liam, I am in love." I stated, grinning from ear to ear.


"Well, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure I could be. I'm so happy!"

"Really? I couldn't tell." He grinned and hugged me, before putting his serious face on. "Just makes sure you're ok."

"Oh I am. Liam she's amazing."

"She'd have to be, to be with you."

I blushed and then saw Leanne and Anna poking their heads out of the door.

"Anna! Leanne! I'm going on another date tonight!"

"Where?" Anna asked, and I could see her business side come out, outfit plans already lining up in her head.

"I don't know, she's going to call me."

The grin would not leave my face.

"Cara's getting laid!" A voice in the kitchen yelled.

"Jak! What are you doing here?" I yelled, running down the corridor.

"Band practice."

"Really?" I arrived in the kitchen to see Jak and Callum waiting. "Sorry, didn't know we were having one."

"Last minute. Liam figured it would be good for you however the date turned out."

"Oh. Well it went well, so I have lots of energy and I'm ready to go!" I grabbed the microphone and tried to calm down. I was too  hyper. "What do you want to rehearse?"

"We have a new song." Liam said, coming in with Ali behind him. She grinned at me and grabbed a drink.

"Ok cool."

"Here." He passed me some lyrics. I scanned them.

"You wrote this?"



We worked on the song for two hours before we took a break. It was good, like really good.

I sat on the sofa, feeling that secret inner smile that is somehow bigger than the one on your face, and looking round at my friends. This could not get better surely.

"Cara, can I talk to you?" Ali said, gesturing out the door.

"Sure." I followed her out and we went to her room.

"Cara... you remember when you were upset about Anna and you said that you liked me but it was Anna?"

"Yes..." I could tell where this was going. It was going to kill my mood.

"Well Anna and you are over, and you didn't even choose me. I've been waiting, and you went for someone you don't even know." Her lip trembled.

"Oh Ali I'm so sorry. I do like you, I think you're very sexy, but I wasn't looking to be in a relationship... I didn't even expect that from Sam until she asked me out."

"So she asked you to be her girlfriend?"


"Oh. Alright."

"I'm so sorry..."

"No, you know, it's ok. I guess I can be your friend. I'd rather that than lose you completely."

"Oh you never would." I said and hugged her. Then I grinned. "Come on, lets go back out there."

"Ok." She smiled back.

The End

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