Anna: Leanne - My Hangover Cure?Mature

My headache seemed to have numbed whilst I was preoccupied, it helped to keep busy and when Cara left looking stunning I was grinning, for one thing, Cara looked smashing and for another my hangover seemed to have gone. I shut the front door when Cara rounded a corner out of sight and headed upstairs. My Sony Viao laptop lay amidst a mound of clothes on the floor from the previous day when I had attempted to do some revision before going out, and had abandoned it on the floor instead of putting it away.

I picked it up and balanced it on my lap as I sat on my bed, pressed the on button and waited for it to load up. A picture of a group of my college friends, Cara and Me at prom came onto the screen as my background and I took a moment to look at how stunning we all looked in that photo, with not a care in the world. It took me momentarily by surprise when I realised that when that particular photo had been taken I had been in a relationship with a guy. If someone had told me that by the time i got to university i'd be in a loving relationship with Leanne, i'd have thought they'd gone round the twist!

A tall boy with tousled jet black hair and a cocky grin was standing next to me in the picture with his arms wrapped around me lovingly – his name had been Conner.

Stood next to Cara was a boy with mousey brown hair and green eyes, this boy was called Nathan and had been a very close friend of Cara since the start of college and had nearly got together, however what with Cara going to university they agreed that they didnt think it a wise move, and they didnt want to ruin their friendship!

I had tried to stay in a relationship with Conner through the course of the summer before I left however Conner’s eye had started wandering and several weeks before I had gone to uni and I had found out that he had been sleeping with a girl called Naomi – one of my so called friends. I had taken myself by surprise as i got over him pretty quickly and had fallen for Matt .... big mistake there.

Skype flashed up on my screen - Leanne was ringing me, I pressed the green accept call button and smiled as the blue light which indicated my camera was on allowed Leanne to see me and for me to see Leanne as an image of her appeared on my screen.

“Hey gorgeous” she said

“Hey” I replied, trying to flatten down my bed head inconspicuously, I was still in my pjs and looked a right mess, so how Leanne could call me gorgeous was anyone’s guess.

“How are you?”

“Suffering a hangover and missing you” I said putting on a small whine and showing a pet lip, my headache seemed to be returning slightly – curse this hangover!

“Aww, bless well I have got the rest of the week off so I could come and stay if you wanted, keep you company?” she said seductively battering her eyelashes at me.”

“Well…. My bed is considerably colder without you….”

“What are you implying?” she said in mock outrage.

“That I want your fat arse in my bed to keep me warm” I said with a cheeky grin and giggling as Leanne rolled her eyes at me and laughed too.

“Just my arse?” she enquired.

“Possibly the rest of you too” I said with a giggle.

“Right then I will sign off here, pack my stuff up and come right away,”

“Woah steady, you’ll cum right away will you, I thought you like a bit of foreplay first” I joked and she rolled her eyes at me again.

“Right, see you soon”

“Not if I see you first” I said ending the call and signing out of Skype, I felt instantly cured of my hangover now that I knew that Leanne was coming to stay again, she was like my hangover cure and so much more.

I went back upstairs about twenty minutes later with a cup of freshly made tea clutched in my hand, to check facebook whist i waited for Leanne to come round. Facebook automatically signed me in and i instantly spotted a notification,  I clicked the little red one at the top of my screen and it said that Cara Gramms and Sam Kensington were now friends. Curious to know more about this girl who was wooing my best friend I clicked to view her profile and found that her privacy settings were set so high that all i was able to see was some information about her and a few photos.

The information on her facebook told me that this girl was 23, worked in the nearby art gallery. I clicked on a picture of her and saw a dark haired woman smiling warmly back and somehow i knew that Cara would be really happy with this very attractive woman.

At that precise moment and doorbell rung bringing me back to the here and now and i leapt off my bed to go and  greet my girlfriend, happy in the knowledge that Cara might just have found love too.

The End

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