Anna: Hung OverMature

The feeling of bricks being smashed against the inside of my head was what awoke me next morning, the events of the previous night a blur, details missing – including the detail of how I got home. I raised my head a few cms from the pillow and a sharp pain overwhelmed me and I quickly put my head back on the pillow. I rolled over and grabbed at my phone which was on my bedside table and tapped the screen, the backlight emanating from the phone although set quite dim anyway seemed to dazzle me. I squinted through my lashes at the screen … no messages, no phone calls, no nothing.

I slithered slowly out of bed replacing my phone back on the bedside table as I went, slipped on my dressing gown and walked slowly downstairs to get an ibuprofen. Cara and Liam were in the kitchen, sat at the table having a cup of coffee; I guessed it must have been them who took me home the previous night.

“How’s the head?” Cara asked in a soft voice which didn’t make my head pound.

“Hurts” I mumbled, grabbing a glass from the cupboard, filling it with water and taking a couple of ibuprofen. I plonked myself down in the seat next to Cara taking long swigs of the ice cold water, the kitchen seeming unusually bright, so bright that I was wincing slightly.

“Oh my god, I am never ever drinking again!”

“Whatever you say Anna, you say that every single time “ Cara said with a soft giggle,

“Seriously right, now I am sober I will say this now so you two have heard it right from the horses mouth, Next time we go out only let me have one drink, because you know what I am like, I get hyper when I am tipsy and then I will drink more and more then just be pissed out my skull!”

“Okay Anna” Liam and Cara said in unison, smiling at each other.

“By the way, how did I get home last night?” I asked curiously,

“Liam , me and Sam brought you back” Cara said, “The girl I met at Fringe” Cara added quickly as my face had a confused look upon it at the mention of Sam’s name.

“Ohh right” I said comprehension dawning, “Would this be a new love interest here?” I asked her taking a sip of water and kneading my forehead in the hope that it would get rid of my headache. Cara blushed pink before saying slyly, “Maybe.”


“I am meeting her for lunch today, she’s very nice” she said smiling broadly.

“Nice” I said, “We’ll I’m probably going to grab a few more hours sleep because I am seriously hung over, then I might get dressed…” Cara rolled her eyes at this but didn’t speak, “Then I am going to skype Lea” I said smiling.

I got up, drained the last of my water then made to leave the room and go back upstairs but before I left I stopped at the door, turned back to look at Cara and said,

“If this meal is a date of sorts Cara, I strongly recommend that you wear those boots again, you look hot in them, and possibly that top that shows of your cleavage, in fact sod sleep come on!” I grabbed hold of Cara’s arm and pulled her to her bedroom.

“I will make you look super hot for your date plus it will take my mind off this hangover!”

The End

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