Cara: SickMature

Anna was completely drunk; Liam had gotten my attention to ask whether I wanted to stay or not. As I debated, Liam made up my mind for me.

"Look, that Sam girl is clearly interested in you, and you obviously like her. Go for it." He muttered, before continuing loudly, "That's settled then, I'll take Anna home."

Anna complained that she was not ready to go home, but I knew she was.

"I think you are Anna." I smiled, watching as she wobbled. Then she seemed to lose focus, and a second later she was on the floor. "Oh jeez, Anna!" I crouched to the floor and checked her breathing. She was ok.

"She's passed out." Liam offered. "Too many snakebites. We'll have to get her home."

"What happened?" Sam had appeared, and crouched next to me, staring at Anna with concern.

"She's had too much to drink."

"The bouncer's coming. Come on, let's get her out." She said, then hefted Anna up so that she was half carrying her. Liam took the other side. We hurried past the bouncer and made it outside before Anna woke up, blearily peered around, then threw up in the street.

"Oh god..." I muttered, and pushed back her hair. "Anna, are you ok?" She nodded, and then passed out again.

"This way." Liam leaned, and Sam followed. As they made their way down the road I followed, clutching Anna's bag. We made it to our house without Anna throwing up again, and heaved her upstairs. Liam went to get the bucket and a glass of water, and I got her out of her dress and in to her pyjamas. I'd done it before when she'd got very drunk. By the time Liam returned she was in bed. As he helped her take sips of water I turned and realised that in the heat of things I'd forgotten Sam was there. I smiled at her, and gestured downstairs. I left Anna in Liam's capable hands and headed down with her.

"Thank you Sam. You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did." She smiled, and reached the bottom.

"Do you want a drink?"

"Glass of water would be nice."

I poured her one and handed it over before getting one for myself.

"Guess we can't get through an evening without something happening to one of my friends."

"Maybe we should meet in the day then."

"For our date?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow for lunch?"

"Sure." I grinned, and looked down at the glass. She was so dammed hot.

"Hey, you alright?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, just thinking."

"What about?"

"I don't think I want to say."

"Ok, bargain. Tell me, and I'll pay for lunch."

"Ooh, bribes. You didn't strike me as the type."

"I like getting my way."

"Noted. Alright, I was thinking about you."

"Anything specific?"

"About how... hot you are."

She bit her lips slightly and that cheeky grin appeared.

"Once again, you underestimate your flirting abilities. You're actually quite good." She stepped forward and put her glass down, taking mine and putting it on the side. "Maybe too good."

I grinned and leaned in to kiss her. As I folded my arms around her neck, she clung to my hips, and I found myself pressed against the side. She was so hot. I was hot, burning up in fact. I moaned a little as her fingers wound their way in to my hair. And then, she stopped.

"What?" I groaned, not letting her step away.

"Date first." She grinned.

I sighed but agreed. I really liked Sam, and I wanted this to go well. Date first, then we'd go where we were so obviously headed.

The End

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