Anna: A Snakebite Too Many!Mature

I watched from a distance as Cara’s lips pressed against the girls and I remembered when she had kissed me like the, how our lips had met and it was like an explosion of emotion and for the first time in months a bubble of jealously welled up inside me and my lips seemed to yearn for Cara’s. I shook my head, my lips yearned for Leanne’s not Cara’s, the emotions I was feeling as I watched the girl wrap her arms around Cara and kiss her more passionately was nothing more than me looking out for my best friend.

Cara had been my best friend for longer than I could remember and I just wanted Cara to be happy and anyone who hurt her would have me to deal with. Yes that was why I was feeling uneasy about Cara kissing a girl she had met for all of five minutes … or was it my hormones. My stomach groaned slightly and I came to the conclusion that the sudden surge of emotion was a mixture of high hormone levels and my love of Cara as my best friend.

Several Snakebites later and I became unconcerned about Cara, she was happy, I was happy, the world was right. I clambered onto a nearby table which was clear of drinks or anything smashable for that matter and began dancing wildly, whipping my hair back and forth to the music.

“I think you have had enough to drink Anna” Liam said with a chuckle, coming over to my makeshift stage, gripping my hands and almost pulling me off the table.

“Shpoil shport” I said, my words slurring into one another, “I was having fun!”

“I could see that,”

“You know you are very hot” I said with a giggle,

“And you’re very drunk, come on you!” Liam grabbed my hand and led me out of the club; I stumbled slightly as I tried to keep up with him, weaving in and out of the people who were dancing madly. Liam caught the eyes of each member of our group as we made our way towards the exit and they all began to slowly make their way in the same direction too, Cara was rotating slowly on the dance floor and it took Liam several waves to get her attention.

Catching sight of Liam, Cara hurried towards us looking perplexed.

“Whats up, don’t tell me your sick again?” she said,

“No I’m fine but Anna is pissed out her mind and should probably go home, I’ll take her back if you want to stay here for a bit?” he suggested, I was only half listening to this conversation though, I was too interested in the beautiful spinning lights which were lighting the room up in different colours.

“That’s settled then, I’ll take Anna home” Liam said sounding quite business like,

“Woah woah woah, the night is young …. I am not ready to go home!”

“I think you are Anna” Cara said, a smile forming from the corners of her mouth as she watched me sway on the spot. Cara was becoming blurred, she was blending in with the background, noise was becoming strangely muffled and before I was aware of what was happening everything had caved in around me and gone black.

The End

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