Cara: FlirtingMature

I peered around through the throngs of people, not really sure what I was hoping for. Was I hoping that Sam, a girl I had only met for a brief couple of minutes, had decided that I was worth coming to listen to again? Was I wishing that she would?

“Hey Cara, we need to start!” Liam called. I gave the crowd a last sweeping glance and then climbed up on stage, smoothing my jeans with worried hands. It was going to go fine, it went fine last time. And so Sam wasn’t here; I didn’t even know her! What did I care?

“Alright, I hear it’s Rainbow night here at Fringe?” There was a loud cheer from the crowd. “So we’re going to do our best to entertain you, and I’m going to do my best not to fall off the stage in these heels.” I glanced down at them. Not my normal footwear, but I’d been assured they made my bum look amazing. Which I’d been hoping would attract Sam’s attention... A pattering of laughter from the crowd at my rather lame joke broke through my thoughts. I turned to the band.

“Alright guys, let’s do this.” Jak counted us in and we began our set.

The Rainbow night went well. They were perhaps not as enthusiastic as the previous time we’d played, but then, the club was not as packed with people. I pocketed my share of the cash, leaving aside one note to get a drink with the guys, Anna and Ali. As I sat at the bar, the excitement of performing washed off, and a tinge of disappointment flowed over me. I took a gulp from my glass.

“You alright?” Liam asked. “Don’t tell me you’re going to be sick like I was?”

“No no, I’m fine.” I assured him. “Just, not really in the party mood.”

“Well that’s a shame. I was going to ask you to dance.”

I turned in my seat and saw Sam standing in front of me. She had that little smile on her face that made me go all dizzy.

“Hey...” I managed to breathe. “You came.”

“I did. You were wonderful.”

I blushed.

“Thank you.”

“So, do you really not feel in the party mood? Because this is one of my favourite songs.” She said, looking at me as if she were trying to gage my reaction.

“I think I can feel it coming back to me.” I said, slipping off my stool. She grinned and offered me her hand. I took it and let her lead me away, glancing back and pulling the ‘oh my god’ face at Liam and Anna, who grinned. We made our way on to the floor, and there was a slight awkward pause.

“I’ve never done this before.” I admitted, not knowing where I should put my arms, my hands, or myself.

“What, danced with a woman?” She asked, leaning in so I could hear her over the music. I tried not to look at her very close and very tempting lips.

“No... danced with someone, like this...”

“Well luckily for you,” She said, taking my arms gently and putting them over her shoulders, “I have.” She put her hands on my waist. We swayed for a while, just looking and smiling, while my insides burned.

“So,” She said as the song ended, “Did you think I wasn’t coming?”

“Yes.” I blurted. “Well I mean... you didn’t have to; you talked to me for all of five minutes.”

“Was it really that long? It felt like it was over far too quickly.”

I blushed and ducked my head for a moment.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re gorgeous.” I silently thanked Anna for suggesting the heels, but then felt a little disappointment.

“That’s all?” I asked, peering through my lashes as the music turned on to a more seductive track.

“Well, that and I’ve spent all week thinking about what might have happened, if your friend hadn’t been ill...”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, feeling slightly breathless and light headed. “And what happened last week, when Liam wasn’t sick?”

She grinned and I felt the hot, melting sparks light inside me as she moved closer.

“Well for a start, we were definitely not doing this much talking.”

“I was quiet? That doesn’t sound like me.”

“I’m starting to realise that.” She grinned, and slipped her hands from my waist round my back, giving me a slight tug so I found myself pressed to her. An airy chuckle escaped my lips. “But I think I might know how to shut you up...” She leaned her head in, her breath whispering over my skin, and I let my neck extend, reaching for her lips. Time seemed endless; I could feel my mouth reaching, yearning  for hers, but she wasn’t letting me kiss her, making it last, making the painful stretching inside my chest build until I couldn’t stand it, and then, and only
then,  she reached in and her lips kissed mine. Release, and more release. I pushed against her, felt her pulling me closer, but remained blissfully unaware of anything that wasn’t her lips setting fire to mine. I gasped when she released me. I hadn’t remembered that I needed oxygen.

We looked at each other for a long time after that. Just standing in the middle of the dance floor, arms where we’d left them from our embrace, looking. I would have spoken, but I couldn’t. She’d left me speechless. That little smile broke through.

“Actually, I think I preferred it when you could speak.” I laughed, and the tension or whatever it was, broke.

“You’re the only person that’s ever made me speechless you know?” I said, smiling.

“Then you’ve not had a lot of experience because I’m not that good. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.”

“I think you are.” She laughed and a little blush appeared on her cheeks.

“I thought you said you didn’t know how to flirt?” She took my hand and we weaved our way through the crowd and made it to the bar.

“That was very basic. Pathetic, almost.” I answered her.

“Oh I don’t know. You’ve been doing very well. Coke?”

“Please. And I think we both know who is the most successful at flirting out of the two of us.”

“And what have I done that’s so spectacular?”

“Well, there’s your voice for one. Very sexy. That smile...” A blush rose again along her cheeks and I knew I wanted to kiss her again. I stepped forward, put down my drink, and stroked her cheekbones where the blush showed most.

“See... you’re very good at flirting.” She muttered before I leaned in and kissed her again. I think it was even better than the first time. A few light kisses, growing longer, and longer, and more passionate. “Go on a date with me.” She breathed when we broke apart again, too soon.

“Happy too.” I breathed and kissed her again.

The End

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