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I wrapped an arm around a shaking Liam; Cara appeared out of no-where and helped me pull Liam out of the club.

“It’s alright Liam, we’ll get you back home” Cara said as Liam jerked his head forward as if to throw up again, the smell emanating from Liam’s sick covered clothes reached my nostrils and I had to hold my breath and turn away to stop myself balking. Liam was chalk white and although he was shivering violently as we walked he skin was red hot.

“I’m sorry” He moaned and Cara stopped in her tracks,

“Sorry? What for?” she asked perplexed.

“I have ruined the night” he moaned and as he said it my heart went out to him, I had been in that situation before. Cara and I had been to the fair as we had done every year for however many years – I couldn’t quite remember how long. We had just gotten off a particularly bouncy ride which had left my stomach on the ground as the ride lurched and I bolted for a nearby alleyway as I felt sick. I had apologized and apologized for ruining her night even though she insisted that I didn’t.

It turned out that Liam had caught flu and he spent the next few days in bed with a hot water bottle. Cara was fretting of course as she always did when one of her friends was ill, she stocked the fridge up with lots of healthy food and the cupboards with soup in the hope that Liam would feel better soon.

Liam did get better within a few days although I had a feeling that on the last day he was milking it slightly as Cara was fussing over him, I rolled my eyes as Cara left Liam’s bedroom after bringing him a bowl of soup in bed.

Leanne had work every day so had to go home but I spoke to her every day for hours on end, it was nice to be able to talk to her, it comforted me to know that even though she couldn’t be with me as often as we both would have liked I could ring her on her mobile or Skype her and see her pretty face and her warm hearted smile beaming back at me from the computer screen.

The week seemed to roll by uneventfully, Liam became his usual self after been waited on hand and foot by Cara and the band started to practice harder than ever to make up for lost time as their performance was a day away.

Cara had again got free tickets for everyone in the house and I was just as excited as the rest to watch ‘Breakthrough’ play again!

The End

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