Cara: Should I?Mature

As we opened I felt nerves I had never felt performing before. The electricity running through my veins, through the atmosphere... it was incredible, indescribible. The eyes of everyone landed on us, and I took that breath. The one that, if done properly, means you get confidence, as  well as enough air in your lungs for that first word.

Our set ran smoothly. We'd planned ten songs, and then the top 50 would go back on and we'd be paid and get to party. And it went so well. Really well. I mean, they asked us to come back next week to play for the same price. Awesome. As we shared out the cash, Ali, Anna and Leanne came up.

"Hey!" I yelled, waving the cash at them. "Check it out! Drinks on me!"

"Well done, you were awesome!" Anna said, pulling me in for a hug. Ali did the same and Leanne smiled at me from next to Anna.

"Yeah you were sooo good. All of you." Leanne said, grinning round at us.

"Thanks." We chorused.

"Right lads, time to spend this hard earned cash?" I asked.

"We should probably save some of it..." Callum said.

"It's our first gig. We're allowed to spend it." Liam elbowed him.


We lined up at the bar, and I bought drinks for Ali, Leanne and Anna. As we drank I looked around. Fringe was a great club, not what you'd normally expect, but really good. They did a rainbow night on a wednesday, which was a gay night. That's the set we'd been asked to play next week.

I finished my glass and dumped it on the bar.

"Dance time." I grabbed the girls, managing to hook Liam in there too, and headed for the floor. Jak and Callum followed.

As we danced I noticed that Liam was quiet, and not himself.

"Are you alright?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Just... I can't believe we played our first gig tonight. It's brilliant."

"It is isn't it?" I grinned, hugging him.

Four songs later Liam was himself, throwing himself fully in to party mode. I  was exhausted and thirsty, so excused myself, skirted Leanne and Anna who were making out, and went to the bar.

"Coke please." I said, passing the bar man a note. As he poured it I looked around at the club. So many people. One caught my eye, further down the bar. She was looking at me, and as I looked over she gave me some appraising eyes of recognition. I smiled and turned back to the barman who was just placing down my drink. She was hot. Not in the socially restricted idea of what hot is, but lesbian hot. She had that care-less swag stance on her that was undeniably attractive. It's one of the things Ali had, although this girl wasn't a girly girl. But hot. Definitely.

I took a sip from my drink and then turned to lean with my back to the bar. I saw my friends in the crowd that was verging on a mosh pit at the moment, and smiled. They were having such a good time. And then I glanced, as sneakily as possible, over to where the hot girl was. Her eyes met mine again, and one corner of her mouth twitched. I looked away quickly. Ok, definitely hot.

I took another gulp of my drink and tried to keep my eyes from wandering over there again. It was proving very difficult.

"Hey. You're the singer aren't you?"

I turned around and saw the hot girl. My brain processed this information while funnelling the thought 'oh my god her voice is as hot as her' through my brain like a high speed train.

"Yeah. Cara." I stuck my hand out, god knows why, but she didn't leave me hanging and shook it.

"Sam. Nice to meet you."

"You too."

"So you have a really great voice." I could tell I was blushing. Was she flirting with me?

"Thanks. So do you." I blurted out, and then realised what a complete arse I sounded.  "I didn't... what I meant was... oh crap." She laughed."Sorry, I just, I'm not used to people complimenting me... we're kind of new to performing."

"It's alright. I've been standing over there for about an hour hoping you'd come out of that," She glanced at the madness on the dance floor, "and going over and over what I'd say to you if I got the chance."

"Really? I don't... I mean I..." Once again, nothing constructive was actually coming out of my mouth. She chuckled.

"Are you sure it's the compliments you're not used to? I'd say it was the flirting." She grinned and I felt a little weak.

"I'm a little rusty." I admitted.And then it kind of sunk in that she'd just admitted she was flirting. "Wait... you're flirting with me?"

"Damn, I hoped it was obvious." She was leaning on the bar, looking at me with those confident, sexy eyes...

"Cara! Liam's thrown up!" I turned around as Ali appeared out of the crowd. "He says he was feeling ill already..." Her eyes turned to Sam. "... and he wants to go home."

"Oh..." I glanced at Sam who shrugged and smiled.

"Maybe I'll see you here again?"

"Yeah... we're playing next wednesday if you're around... It was great to meet you..."

"You too. Go, look after your friend." She smiled and then turned and walked away.

Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

I turned back to Ali.

"Right, let's go then." And we headed back in to the crowd to find Liam and the rest of the gang.

The End

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