Anna: Performing At FringeMature

Leanne arrived at the flat at 5 that evening; I opened the door and pulled her close to me, two weeks had been two weeks too long and I had missed her so much. I inhaled her sweet smell, noticing instantly that she was wearing the perfume I had bought her for her birthday.

“I missed you!” I whispered in her ear before stealing a kiss from her.

“I missed you too!” she said squeezing my bony shoulders before pulling out of the hug, it was only then I noticed how brown Cyprus had made her.

“Spend all your time sunbathing?” I asked her, nodding towards her tanned features,

“No, most of my time in one of the many swimming pools, you should have come Anna, it was like heaven” she said almost dreamily, as though she was just imagining herself back here.

“I have assignments and uni work, unlike some I can’t just go on holiday, you have it easy” I said, cracking a smile as Leanne raised a blonde brow at me.

“Well maybe I can help you take your mind off all the assignments you have to do” Leanne said with a flirtatious smile at me and planting a kiss on my lips.

“Maybe you can, but tonight we are going to watch the band … it should be fun” I said, I had been looking forward to watching the band play live for ages and Cara had managed to get me and Leanne free tickets [perks of being best friends with the lead singer.]

I slipped on a pair of new black skinny jeans which Leanne had bought back from Cyprus for me and a white off the shoulders top and looks at myself in the floor length mirror in my room.

“I am glad I rang you to make sure those jeans would fit you, you look gorgeous” Leanne said wrapping her arms around me from behind and hugging me. She was now wearing a pair of leopard print jeans, a cream coloured tank top and some cream coloured high heels. Her hair was brushed back into an elegant bobble. I had spent several hours straightening my normally very curly hair so that it was pin straight and hung to the small in my back, it struck me as odd that neither Leanne nor Cara had seen my hair straightened before.

“Gosh I hardly recognize you” Leanne said admiring my straight hair and kissing me again, “You should straighten your hair more often, you suit it straight.”

“It’s a hassle to do it every day, plus my roots are slightly more visible when it’s straightened” I said now feeling self conscious, and fully aware that I needed my blonde highlights redoing.

“You’re still beautiful to me” Leanne said, “Despite the colour of your roots.”

It took nearly an hour and a half for both Leanne and I to be ready to leave, the band had already left to get set up at Fringe and Ali had gone to help. It was maybe my imagination but Ali and Cara seemed a lot closer and I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not – my opinion on her had not changed, I had disliked her from the moment I met her.

“Come on Lea, how long does it take you to put on some makeup, you look stunning without it!” I moaned keeping a conscious eye on the clock as it ticked nearer to eight o’clock.

“You sound just like my mother” Leanne said, earning herself a soft poke in the side,

“Nothing wrong with your mum, she is awesome, now can we go now?”

“Hold on, one more thing” Leanne said before pulling some fake eyelashes out of her makeup bag and putting them on, “Ready.”

“Finally” I said and Leanne rolled her eyes at me.


The night had drawn in early and the blue neon sign above the door of Fringe was visible from the other end of the street, reflecting off the closed coffee shop window. I could hear music playing too and for a moment thought that we were late for the start, but then I realized that the music playing was just from the top 50 and the band was probably still setting up behind the stage curtains. I tugged at Leanne’s arm so that she walked a little faster and soon we were flashing the bouncers our ID and making our way inside.

The club was packed and noisy and I weaved my way through the crowd, one hand holding onto Leanne’s so I didn’t get separated from her. I slipped through some doors which led to back stage and I could hear Cara’s voice.

“Oh this is going to be awesome” she squealed,

 “Yeah, should be fab!” I said rounding the corner to see Cara almost bursting with excitement as she almost did before a show.

Cara did the smallest of double takes when she saw me the smiled,

"Wow Anna, you look stunning, how come in all the times i  have known you I have never once seen you with straighened hair!" Cara exclaimed.

"That's exactly what I said" Leanne said with a smile, "She looks georgeous doesn't she."

"You do Anna."

"It's a hassle to do it every day, otherwise i would," I said feeling my cheeks burning a slightly pink colour.

"I hardly reconised you Anna, you really suit it!"

"When you girls have finished having a girly chat about hair, we have a show in less than ten minutes and need to finish setting up," said Jak loudly.

“Oh right, yes... umm don’t forget the b sharp note when we play ‘Everlasting’ Callum, you kept forgetting it in rehearsals” Cara said turning very business like but still sounding slightly cheeky and playful at the same time. Both Callum and me rolled our eyes towards the ceiling and laughed.

“Don’t worry Cara, I’ve got the b sharp note covered” Callum assured her.

“Right, well its nearly eight so we’ll let you finish setting up” Ali said giving an double thumbs up to Cara and going back into the main club. I gave Cara a hug, whispered “Good luck, you’ll be excellent,” grasped Leanne’s hand and headed out into the main club too.

The End

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