Cara: Time to get a date.Mature

"Nice guys." I said as we stopped.

"Yeah good job." Jak took a sip of water and then leafed through the list of songs we were preparing for a gig we'd got in a club. "What about 'We Found Love' next?"

"Nah, let's go with 'On Your Own'." I grabbed the lyrics, checked over them, then picked up the mic. "Alright, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4!"

Anna walked in half way through the song, which was one of my favourites because Liam sang with me. She smiled, and sat at the table to listen. She was tapping her nails on the table to the beat, not that I could hear it over the music, when Ali walked in. I waved and smiled and she grinned back, giving us a thumbs up. When we finished the song she threw me a beer.

"You guys are really great."

"We know." I winked.

"So where's this gig?"

"Tonight at Fringe, it's the bar near where Ann Summers is."

"Someone say Ann Summers?" Jak said, winking. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, I did."

"Mmm and what kinky things have you been buying in there?"

"None of your business." I laughed.

"Well if she'd go get laid she wouldn't need to shop there." Ali winked at me.

"Seriously?" I frowned. Just because I hadn't been having sex didn't mean I wanted it. Which was a lie because I did, but still...

"Well I offered." She grinned.

"So did I." Jak laughed.

"Guys! Come on, let's finish the set and then we can sit around with beers and talk about sex." Liam suggested. I smiled gratefully at him. Any relief, no matter how short, was welcome.

When we finished the set, I collapsed on the sofa next to Liam, and Callum, Jak, Ali and Anna all sat around with us.

"Beer?" Liam offered as he cracked out the pack.

"Yes please."

As we passed the beer around and Anna declined because she didn't like it, we chatted. Anna grabbed a cider instead, and began talking about Leanne coming over to see the band play. And then of course, Jak reminded everyone about our previous conversation.

"So Cara, about your sex life..."

"What?" I rolled my eyes. Seriously, I think I've set the record for most eye rolls at one person since I met Jak.

"Why haven't you gone and got laid? I mean, either you're still in to Anna or you're not hot, and we all know that the second one is a lie."

"I'm not in to Anna at all." I said truthfully. I hadn't even thought about her in that way since the break up. "I just want to have sex meaningfully. When I'm in a relationship. I don't fancy a one night fling."

"That's not what your vibrator told me." Jak chuckled and everyone laughed. I joined in because it was funny, but also because I didn't want to look like a sour puss. 

"Well look, we are playing a club tonight. Maybe I'll pull." I grinned.

"Damn it, just admit you fancy me!" Jak cried dramatically, sinking to his knees. "I promise we will fall madly in bed!"

I chuckled and swatted him away.

"Nope sorry Jak. I got nothing for you here."

The End

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