Anna: Writers BlockMature

The months knitted themselves together in a frenzy of social and academic activities, Liam’s band had really hit it off, getting quite good when I listened to them practicing from my bedroom. I had joined a writing class on a Wednesday evenings after Cara had commented on how well I wrote. This came about one afternoon when Cara had been sitting in her room, tapping her pencil furiously on her desk and trying to come up with decent lyrics for a new song she was trying to put together for the band,

“Well what’s the song about?” I asked her curiously

“Well we are trying something new, we thought maybe a rap of some sort” she said, her brow furrowed in upmost concentration.

“How about this” I said, a sudden idea flashing into my conscious mind;

“As we lay here, our passion overflows with every kiss
And when you broke my heart, you have no idea what I miss” I sang it how I imagined the song would go then started to hum when I ran out of words which would accompany the tune.

“That’s brilliant Anna” Cara said leaping up from where she had been sitting and kissing my forehead … “You're brilliant!” she said making me blush slightly, “How did you think that up?” she asked amazed as she sat back down and started to scribble down the first couple of lines before she forgot them.

“I don’t know really, they just came to me…. Ideas like that seem to just come to me in sparks,”

“You know, you should take writing classes, nourish your gift of writing …. I might need your ideas again … who knows …. infact." Cara leaned over and pulled a folded up piece of paper out of her bag and handed it to me. I unwrapped it with immense curiosity and saw it was a poster advertising a writing club on a Wednesday evenings.

“Got this from the student union when I was suffering writers block thinking going to it may help me to think of lyrics better but I think you would be better suited to this.”


So weeks after I was sitting in my bedroom, which I had since covered in posters to hide the fact that it still hadn’t been decorated due to …. circumstances trying to write a piece of writing for tomorrow evenings writing session, but this time it was me suffering from writers block. I leaned in my chair and listened to Cara and the band practicing in the front room, they had gotten really good in the months they had been together and had even played some of their own songs in the student union on nights out. Cara and the band had used the opening lyrics that I had suggested in their song which Cara was now singing.

I snatched my phone up from the desk and texted my girlfriend Leanne,

‘Looking forward to seeing you tonight – ive missed you loads …. Are you still up for seeing the band tonight, Cara and the rest are practicing now and they are brilliant! Love Anna Xxx’

I sent the text and set my phone back on the desk, Leanne had been away on holiday in Cyprus for two weeks and had only come back they previous night so I was looking forward to seeing her beautiful face again.

‘Maybe I’d take a break from trying to write and go and listen to the band practice … maybe that would spark my imagination’ I thought abandoning my desk and heading downstairs.

The End

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