Cara: Writing our ownMature

As we finished Leanne and Anna, who had come in during the performance, clapped and so we bowed.

"Well, at least we know we work well together."

"You've got a great voice." Jak complimented me and I grinned, pleased. It had completely taken my mind off PMS.

"Cheers. Nice beats."

"Well, shall we have a crack at writing our own now?" Liam asked.

"Yeah sure. Now we've warmed up."

I grabbed a pad and paper.

"Anyone actually know how to do this?"

"Sure." Liam said. "We have to create a tune first. Something like this." He busted out a nice little tune.

"That's cool. When did you do that?"

"This morning."

"I like it." I smiled.

"Alright, so the drum would go something like this..." Jak gestured for Liam to play it again. He drummed along, then Callum threw in a sick little bass piece.

"Wow, check you guys out! Alright... lyrics... hmmmm...." I thought hard, but nothing came to me.

"You have to let it flow. If we say that bit we just played is the chorus, repeat it and add an extra bit on the end, then we have the chorus. We'll rehearse that, an if anything jumps out at you, write it down." Liam smiled at me and I grinned back. He made me happy. I was so lucky to have found such a great friend. I'd not found one this amazing since Anna. I glanced over at her. She was leaning on Leanne and looked happy. I think a love song would be the thing that came out of this particular session, if any lyrics actually appeared.

I guess we're the lucky ones, With our heads stuck in the sand.... I wrote. Nah...

Hit the lights... Nooooo, that's already a song! THINK CARA!

You never listened, made up excuses, Don't want your love anymore, it's worthless... Liam leaned over.

"Hey, that's good! I like that."


"Yeah. Sing it."


Liam counted to three and they started and I sang, trying to work out the key. After two faulty starts, we did the whole of the lyrics.

"Nice." Jak and Callum said in unison.

"Thanks." I grinned, taking a complimentary sip of beer. Yes! Maybe I'd be able to do this after all.

The End

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