Anna: Wrong Time Of The MonthMature

As the band members had started to arrive I pulled Leanne out of the room and up the stairs, I didn’t want to disturb the group whist they were planning their band out.

“So what do you want to do?” Leanne asked giving me a cheeky wink, we could always….” Her eyes flitted towards the bed but I shook my head. “As much as I want to Lea, I think the others will get cheesed off pretty quickly if we’re at it like rabbits.”

“Aww come on, lighten up” she said plonking herself next to me on the bed, massaging my shoulders, in an obvious attempt to ‘loosen me up’.

“Honestly, what are you like Leanne!” I said turning around and pressing my lips against hers just to shut her up. I could hear Cara singing downstairs and It reminded me of when Cara and I used to play karaoke on the playstation and whilst my mum always said I shouldn’t sing as I sounded like a strangled cat and Cara an angel, I had always thought it good fun.

“Lea, do you remember you, me and Cara joining Stagecoach in year seven?” I asked as we both sat listening to Cara sing beautifully from downstairs.

“Yeah, I remember – You were always really good at drama, Cara at dance and singing and me …. What was I good at?” she said pulling a strange face as she tried to remember back so long.

“You were quite the dancer if I recall a very sexy dancer too” I added earning myself a tender kiss.

“Let’s go down and listen to them?” I suggested and Leanne followed me down the steep stairs and into the living room where the band was in full swing. I think they had decided on trying some existing songs before making up their own and Cara was busy belting out the words to Rhianna's song ‘We Found Love.’ I gave her the thumbs up as I sat down next to Leanne on the sofa, indicating that I thought she was singing beautifully as normal. Jak was beating his drum sticks against the table - as he didnt have his drums - in perfect rhythm to the song and Callum and Liam on guitars.

As the song came to an end both Leanne and me clapped and whooped and the group bowed – I could envisage them on stage. Something was wrong though; after Cara had finished singing she had gone very pale, she clutched her stomach and tried to stifle pains in her stomach which she managed to hide from everyone accept me.  I mouthed the words, "Are you okay?" knowing that even if she wasnt she didnt like a fuss being made of her.

Cara nodded and i rolled my eyes. Typical Cara, however she was pale as frost.

The End

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