"That's an awesome name, I love it." I said smiling. I couldn't believe I'd had one of my mood swings right in front of Anna. She probably thought I was upset about us not being together but she was wrong, I felt like I was finally comfortable with her again. My stomach was cramping really badly.

"You alright?" Liam asked, looking concerned at me.

"Yeah I'm good. Better go get ready if we're having that big band meet today."

"I invited them all to come here if that's alright." Liam said collectively to everyone.

"Fine with me." I said before I went to change in to baggy jeans and a strappy top. I stared at myself in the mirror for a second. DAMN PMS!

When I returned to the kitchen Jak was there.

"Hey Jak, didn't here you arrive."

"Just got here. Nice place." He said.

"Thanks. Drink?"

"Beer if you've got one." I grabbed two from the fridge and popped the tops on the table. He gave me an admiring look. "Sexy and likes a beer? I like you even more." He grinned.

I mock punched him and sat next to Liam, taking a swig of the beer. A few minutes later and Callum was knocking. I hauled myself up ignoring the cramps in my stomach and went to the door.

"Hey come in."

"Cheers." His eyes clearly displayed the night he'd had before.


"Yeah, big one."

"Help yourself to any drink." I said then went and sat down again. Callum grabbed a glass and got some water, then sat down with us. I could hear the murmurs of Anna and Leanne upstairs.

"Alright guys, first band meet. We have to decide what image we want, what genre and most importantly a name. I've had an idea, but I'll wait till we've chosen the first ones before I make the announcement."

"Dude, stop being so formal." I pushed him. "What do you guys feel like doing?"

"Well it kind of depends on what you can sing right?" Callum said.

"Yeah I suppose. I'm more of a pop/rock girl really."

"Well I'm good with that." Jak said. "As long as they're good songs."

"Of course."

"Alright, tell them the name." I nudged Liam.

"I thought, Breakthrough."

Jak nodded.

"Yeah, interesting. I like it."

Callum nodded.

"Alright, that's settled. I mean we can always change it later." Liam said, grinning.

"Right then Breakthrough, let's try and write some songs. We have a whole sunday, a fridge full of drinks and pizzas in the freezer."

"I think I'm in love." Jak winked.

We laughed.

The End

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