Anna: The Morning AfterMature

Soft skin brushed against me and I rolled over to face Leanne who was sleeping next to me, she was incredibly beautiful. I twirled a stray hair of hers around my finger until she stirred in her sleep and her eyes flickered open. A grin appeared instantly across her face, showing her bleach white teeth which so many people envied!

“Morning sexy” she said pulling me close to her and kissing me tenderly, her soft hands perusing  certain areas of my body.  I didn’t know what it was about Leanne what drew me to her, maybe she was my rebound after splitting with Cara but it didn’t seem likely, I really really liked Leanne, she was sexy, funny, and easy to be around. But so was Cara. Leanne was laidback, but again so was Cara.

Her obvious similarities to Cara might have been was made me fancy her, the only difference between Leanne and Cara was that I had known Cara since I was about four years old and had grown up with her whereas I had only known Leanne since year 7. Perhaps Cara was more like a sister to me than a girlfriend?

Leanne and I lay in bed for what seemed an age before eventually getting up, I winced slightly at the sunlight as I pulled back my curtains, my head was aching slightly from the amount of alcohol I had drunk the previous night. I walked sleepily down the stairs and into the kitchen, pulling on my polka dot dressing gown as I went.

“Morning” I said groggily to Cara who was just pouring herself a cup of strong coffee.

“Bit rough?” she asked, grabbing a second cup from the cupboard, putting a teabag in and proceeding to pour boiling water into it. The clinking of the teaspoon against the side of the mug as Cara mixed the tea and added milk and sugar seemed be amplified ten times and made my head pound.

“A bit? More like a lot …. Oh thanks” I said as she pressed the steaming mug of tea into my hands and sipped her coffee through pursed lips.

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself last night” Cara commented, beginning to busy herself by making herself some breakfast, what she meant didn’t click until I heard her stifle a sob.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I asked, setting down my tea and wrapping an arm around her.

“Nothing, I’m happy for you Anna”

“Then what’s with the tears?”

“Sorry, I’m just emotional because it’s that time of the month you know how I get, someone could look at me funny and I’d burst out crying!” she said laughing but I could tell that her laugh was rather forced and high pitched.

“Something’s bothering you,” I said refusing to drop the subject.

“Didn’t realise I was that easy to replace, is all Anna, “she said turning her back towards me.

“Oh my gosh, Cara, I never meant to hurt you!” I said hurrying over to her and pulling her into a hug.

“You haven’t, I mean it hurt slightly at the time but I am honestly happy, I swear it’s just the wrong time of the month and things have just overwhelmed me you know. Becoming the lead singer in the band and all.”

“Well as long as you’re okay?” I checked, feeling slightly bad that I had hurt my best friend.

“Yes I’m absolutely fine, I promise” she said and before I could say another word Leanne bounded into the room and spun me around to face her and gently pressing her lips against mine.

I tried to make the kiss as short as possible as I thought it would be unfair to rub salt into the wound that I was in a relationship and Cara wasn’t. At that moment Liam came skipping into the room (he obviously wasnt hungover), a big cheesy grin plastered all over his face.

“What’s got you in such a cheery mood?” Cara and I asked together.

“Oh just the fact that I have the best bloody band ever, and I know that before even practicing and I have just thought of a wicked name for the group!” he said beaming again.

“Well don’t keep us in the dark” I said tapping my foot and feigning impatience, making Leanne giggle girlishly.

“Well I want to check with everyone in the band first to see if they liked it but I was thinking …” he drummed his fingers on the work surface, trying to imitate as drum roll.


The End

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