Cara: Why didn't you tell me?Mature

"That's hot." Jak muttered, watching Anna and Leanne with a sexy smirk on his face.

"Come on, let's get inside." I said, turning away and getting in the queue.

"You alright?" Liam asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said. Sure, I was a little hurt and shocked that Anna hadn't told me she was with Leanne, but it was no sweat. As long as she was happy, I was alright. Besides, Leanne was a nice person.

They rejoined us after a few minutes, giggling. Anna kept glancing at me to gage my reaction so I smiled and put aside the fact my best friend hadn't told me about her new relationship. Whatever you know? I mean, it was a bit fast, but it might be a rebound, so I understood.

We got in to the club and went straight to the bar.

"First round's on me!" I shouted over the music. As I collected the shots and handed them out I grinned around. We chinked and shouted "TO THE BAND!", then downed the shots. I laughed when I'd swallowed. This was awesome. "Come on, let's dance!" I cried, and pulled the group on to the floor.

As I danced with Liam, Jak and Callum, I saw that at the edge of our circle, Leanne and Anna were getting a little touchy feely. I ignored them. I guess Anna's worries about sharing me with Ali weren't stopping her from getting close to Leanne. 

"Hey guys, we need to name the band!" Liam shouted over the music.

"Can't we do that tomorrow? Let's just have a good time!" Callum yelled and Liam nodded. A really great song came on, and we started jumping around, laughing.


Four and a half hours later, Anna, Leanne, Liam and I were stumbling home.

"That was amazing!" I mumbled as we practically crawled through the front door.

"Awesome night. Jak and Callum are cool." Anna said, her hand in Leanne's.

"Yeah..." I said sleepily.

"Well, we'll head to bed." Leanne said, practically pulling Anna. "Night guys!"

"Night!" Liam and I chorused as the door slammed. I glanced at him. "Glass of water?"


We headed to the kitchen and I poured us both big glasses.

"Here you go."


We both sat, gulping down the water in the hope that it would prevent a hangover. A couple of minutes in, Liam started giggling. Then I joined him. In a few seconds we were both rolling around on the sofa chuckling, holding on to each other so that we wouldn't fall off.

"Oh my god!" I gasped.

"This is sooo awkward." He chuckled.

From upstairs a chorus of moaning and groaning had started up. We paused in our laughter, until a particularly loud moaning scream set us going again.

"There she goes!" Liam cried and I let out a burst of laughter that meant a mouthful of water spat everywhere. We continued to roll around laughing until we couldn't laugh any more."At least someone's getting sex." Liam said finally.

"Yeah. Hope they don't do this every night though." I said, hearing another moan and the creaking of bed springs.

"Why not?"

"We'll never get any sleep."

He chuckled and pulled me in to a hug.

"I'm so glad I met you."

"Me too." I said and hugged him back.

"Right, bed time I think."


We both stood and headed down the corridor.

"Night." I said from my door.


As I lay in my bed, listening to the moans from upstairs, I smiled. Anna was happy, I was happy, Liam was happy... everything was going alright. Then I plugged in my phone, attatched my ear phones and drowned out the next orgasm.

Sleep enveloped me.

The End

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