Anna: No Denying ItMature

As luck would have it Ali did not accompany us on this night out, saying that she had too much work she needed to do and the ‘magic fairies’ weren’t going to do it for her, this made me happy as whenever I saw Ali I had the uncontrollable urge to punch her face …. A hatred I had never felt before seemed to bubble up inside me at the mention of her name.

Cara, Leanne, Liam and I made our way to the club where the rest of the band members were meeting up, chatting animatedly to each other as we went, Cara and Liam about the band and Leanne and me about uni. As we walked I kept glancing at Leanne and taking in her natural beauty, she was wearing a very short salmon coloured dress which pulled in at all the right places, emphasising her large breasts and slim, very sexy figure.

I turned my gaze and looked at Cara who was still chatting to Liam, she was wearing a short blue dress with sequins on, this dress also pulled in and showed off her beautiful figure, and as it was short it showed off her sexy legs.  Outside the club we caught sight of a couple of people who Liam and Cara drove us towards, they were all of a similar age to us and were quite nice looking.

Liam and Cara took it in turns to introduce us to each person one after another.

“This is Jak, our lead drummer” Liam said indicating a tall guy who was leaning casually against the wall of the club and was sparking up a cigarette – I coughed as the smoke wafted in my direction and he turned his head and blew the smoke away from the group.

“This is Callum, he plays bass guitar” Cara said almost dreamily and he gave me a nod.

“Nice to meet you all” I said cheerily, “I’m Anna, Cara’s best friend and this is Leanne my fr……”

“Her girlfriend” Leanne said cutting across me and I turned and gave her a questioning look and at the same time Cara was looking at me slightly taken aback and hurt.

“Two seconds” I said to the group before pulling Leanne out of earshot of the others.

“What are you playing at?” I hissed,

“Oh come on, stop denying your feelings, I know you fancy me,”

“No, I…. Look you …..” I stumbled over my words, “You have put me in an awkward situation, I really like you but….” I stopped trying to come up with a legitimate reason why I didn’t want to be with Leanne.

“But?” she asked.

“But ….” I began but stopped again.

“But nothing, you are out of excuses” she said finishing my sentence and I nodded, not knowing what to say. As though my nod had been the confirmation Leanne needed, she tilted her head slightly and slotted herself into place, pressing her soft lips against mine.

I was stone cold sober this time and I did not reject her kiss, her kiss made my heart suddenly leap from my chest, doing back flips inside me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her closer towards me, forgetting that we were snogging outside a club, in front of sober and intoxicated students who were probably goggling at us.

Forgetting that I was snogging right in front of Cara.

The End

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