Cara: AuditionsMature

"He was even worse than the last one." I muttered to Liam as the last singer disappeared.

"I know." He moaned, his head on the desk.

"Look at the bright side, you've got the rest of the band, you just need a singer. There has to be someone who's right."

"You'd think so right? But we've seen six people and they either can't sing, or sing the wrong style."

"What style are you even looking for?"

"I don't even know. I just know that they're not it."

There was a knock on the door. A blonde head poked round.

"Hi, I'm here to audition?"

"Come in." Liam said, waving her over.

A slim blonde wearing jeans and a hoodie went to the centre and stood, nervously twisting her hands.

"What's you name?"


"Alright Kim, go ahead."

The next few seconds consisted of me trying not to pull a face and cover my ears. Ouch. Serious pitch problems.

"Thank you Kim. You're not quite what we're looking for, but thanks for trying."

Kim left, her head down.

"God I hope she's not crying." Liam said concerned.

"Probably. But being let down by such a hunk will have made it better."

He elbowed me.

"I just don't get it."

"Me neither. I mean it's not like it's hard to hit a decent note."

"Oh really? Go on then, show me." He winked.

"I think I will." I grinned. I stood and marched to the centre. "Alright, what shall I sing?"

"Anything." He laughed.

"Alright.... let me see...." I pondered. Half way through, I realised I was taking this seriously. I used to sing in school, but as part of a choir. I kind of missed it. Maybe I should do a proper audition. "Ok I've got it."

"Go on then." He laughed.

I sang 'She's So Gone' by Lemonade Mouth. I thought it was a good audition song, even if it was from Disney. As I finished, having thoroughly enjoyed myself and gotten really in to the song, I saw Liam grinning.

"What?" I asked, pulling a face.

"Welcome to the band." His grin was about splitting his face.

"Are you serious?" I asked, not sure I believed him.

"Completely. How come you let me sit through all those auditions without mentioning you can sing?"

"I don't know, I hadn't really thought about it."

"Well thank god you did. This is going to be awesome. And you're doing english... tell me you write songs?"

"I've dabbled. I'm not brilliant though."

"Well thank god I am." He winked and ran over, lifting me up and spinning me round. "This is so good. We have to celebrate."

"Not another house party!" I laughed in jokey protest.

"No... but maybe we should go out with the band? Get to know each other?"

"Yeah, alright. Sounds good."

We high fived and I hugged him. I was in a band. Awesome.

We went home and found Anna in the kitchen.

"Hey Anna, guess what?"


"Liam's got a whole band!"

"That's great Liam." She smiled.

"Yeah, you know I got an amazing lead singer." He laughed.

"Yeah? Who?" She asked.


She let out a squeak and came and hugged me.

"Well done! That's amazing!"

"Thanks!" I laughed. "Well Liam, get texting the others. We've got a band bonding session to plan!"

"Tonight?" Anna asked.

"Yeah why, want to come?"

"Only if I can bring Leanne?"

"Leanne? Who's that?"

"Leanne, you know. Used to be really good friends with us. I hung out with her when I went home and she's coming to visit."

"Oh." I hadn't seen or heard from Leanne since the fall out. "Yeah sure I guess. It'd be nice to see her."

I turned and jumped on Liam.

"Come on you, let's go ask Ali if she wants to come."

The End

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