Anna: I Can't Be Falling For Leanne?Mature

I was happy that Cara and I had sorted our problems out and had decided to remain ‘just best friends,’ I loved her of course I did but I felt as though both Cara and I had rushed into things without really thinking about what we were actually doing, however there was a niggling sensation in the pit of my stomach which put me on edge. What if Cara and Ali got together? What if Ali changed Cara; and Cara didn’t want to know me anymore, what if…. I shook the nasty thoughts away; they were all only possibilities and unlikely ones at that. I was just relieved that Ali hadn’t been telling the truth and her and Cara weren’t together.

I pushed my earphones into my ears and tried to concentrate on my uni work, however I just couldn’t get back into the swing of it now I had been disturbed. I snatched up my mobile from the desk and quickly dialed Leanne’s number and she picked up on the third ring.

“Anna” she said and I could tell she was smiling, “I knew you’d ring me,”

“Yeah, look I am sorry for running out on you the other morning; I was just a bit shocked that’s all,”

“Its okay” she said soothingly, “I led you on and we had been drinking, but might I just say that you are incredible in bed!” she said with a giggle and I could feel my cheeks burning brightly as she said it.

“I never knew that you were gay” I said, surprised that in all the time I had known Leanne she had never once given the slightest inclination that she fancied girls.

“I have been for ages but never told a soul for fear of being shunned”

“I wouldn’t have shunned you, your one of my best friends aside from Cara!”

“You’re so sweet!” she said, “You and me shared something special the other night and yeah we might have been drunk but I don’t regret us sleeping together. Do you?” Leanne asked.

I paused, thinking hard for what to say, the fact was I hadn’t really thought about it but now my mind was drawn to it I couldn’t help thinking that I didn’t regret it. “No, I don’t” I said simply.

“That’s good, I thought I had ruined our friendship then, hey listen I have got a week paid holiday, do you fancy meeting up, I need to see that sexy face of yours soon!”  she asked hopefully.

“Well I have lectures starting again on Monday but how about you come to the flat today and stay the week I know Cara would love to see you again, she misses you, and I would love for you to stay!”

“Sounds good, I’ll get packed and get the next train so I will be there by the evening, I’ll bring a sleeping bag just in case” Leanne said with a cheeky giggle before hanging up and for some reason my heart seemed to leap out of my chest at the possibility of Leanne coming to stay for a week.

I couldn’t be falling for Leanne could I? I had only just split with Cara … it was impossible.

No I can’t be.

Yes I might be.

The End

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