Cara: DRAMAMature

There was way too much drama in this house. Anna coming back, Ali coming on to me... I stuffed my earphones in and reached for 'The Woman In White'. Time to get some work done.

As I read, my mind wandered. I found myself reading the same sentances over and over. I found myself reading the same sentances over and over. I found myself reading the same sentances over and over.

I put down the book and turned up the volume on my iphone. The soundtrack to 'Smash' blasted through and I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Anna. What to do? She was my best friend. She was a best friend who I'd started a relationship with and never got further than kissing with before she thought I cheated and stormed off. Now I didn't know where we stood. Officially I guess we hadn't broken up, but I had a feeling we were no longer together. Did I want us to be? Did she want us to be? Very good questions.

No, I decided after an hour of going over and over things in my mind. If I still had her friendship I was not going to mess it up by getting back in to a relationship while things were rocky. And I had no idea where my feelings lay. They weren't tangiable, I couldn't grab them and make them explain themselves. So for now friendship, the one thing I knew how to have with Anna, would have to be the way forward.

Ali. Ali, Ali, Ali. She was hot. Sexy. And yeah she was nice enough, we had similar interests, did the same course... and she liked me. But did I want to be with her? Once again, I wasn't sure. Best to just let things happen I guessed. If we got together, we did. If not... well, we didn't. 

I sighed and pulled out my earphones. Time to face the real world.

I headed out of my room, and went up the stairs to Anna's. I knocked on the door.

"Anna? It's Cara. Open up?"

There was a pause, then footsteps. The door opened a fraction.

"I'm working." She said.

"We need to talk."

"I know."

"Can I come in?" I asked, a little annoyed that she had been so forward about sorting things out yesterday, but today she wasn't bothered.

"Fine." She muttered, and opened the door. I walked in and sat on the bed. She looked at me shiftily, then sat next to me.

"Anna..." I started, but she silenced me by leaning forward and pressing her lips to mine. Woah, ok. I pushed her back. "Anna, that's not why I'm here."

"Well why are you here?"

"To get my best friend back. I don't want to be in a position with you where we are completely on edge with each other, and I don't want us to put ourselves in a difficult situation when we're a little rocky at the moment. I want us to be best friends again."

"So, you don't want to be with me?"

Time for the hard truth.

"I'd rather have you as a friend. My best friend. As you always have been, and hopefully always will be."

She paused, then stood up. She paced the floor, as she always did when she had a serious decision to make.  Eventually she stopped.

"Alright. Friends. Best friends." She smiled and I got up and gave her a hug.

"Thank goodness!"

"So, I guess you and Ali will be spending a lot of time together now right?" She said when we were settled on the bed again.

"I mean, yeah I guess. But don't think she's taking your place or anything. I think it's right to branch out your friends."

"Wait, you two are just friends?"

"Yeah, of course." I said, at the same time thinking of our recent close encounter.

"Oh." She looked a little angry and surprised.

"What? You think we should be together?"

"No, you know I don't like her. I just... I figured you were together is all."

"Nope. Oh and by the way, you know that Amy and I weren't kissing in the club right?" I rushed, suddenly remembering the reason she had left. "I mean she kissed me on the cheek but nothing..."

"Yeah, I remembered when I got home that nothing had actually happened. It's just at the time..."

"I understand." I smiled. "Well, got to go. I promised Liam I'd go with him today. He's auditioning people for a band he wants to form. Should be exciting."

I got up and hugged her before climbing down the stairs and knocking on Liam's door.

"Liam you lazy arse, get up! We have auditions to oversee!"

The End

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