Anna: ThreatenedMature

"Anna... I can't do this now. I've got a wicked hangover and I won't be thinking straight. But we were going to go watch a movie and eat some snacks... so you could come sit in if you wanted. We could have the talk when I feel better."

At these words I felt my heart drop; I was afraid of this but nodded and went into the living room after Cara where they had just put on the film ‘Uncle Buck.’ I sat in the armchair in the corner whilst Cara plonked herself in the middle of Ali and Liam, the bag of munchies on her lap.

As the film progressed Ali, Cara and Liam scoffed their way through the bag of treats they had bought themselves but not stopping to offer me any. By the end of the film Cara had fallen asleep on Ali’s shoulder and Ali had her arm around her lovingly, this made my blood boil.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend” I wanted to shout at her but bit my tongue, Ali was smiling smugly at me, she knew that she was annoying me. She bend down and gently kissed Cara on the lips whilst she was sleeping, I launched myself out of my armchair and left the room, slamming the door on the way out as a way to vent my anger. All I wanted to do was punch that smug face of Ali’s.

I locked myself into my bedroom on entry and flung myself onto my bed and fell asleep fully clothes, unshed tears brimming my eyes.  

When I went downstairs to get a cup of tea the next morning Cara and Liam weren’t awake yet but Ali was and I came face to face with her when I entered the kitchen. I crossed the kitchen and knocked the kettle on, trying not to look at Ali, but it was her that spoke first.

She shut the kitchen door with her heal then said;

“Why did you come back Anna?”

“I said last night; I want to make things right with Cara”

“You know Cara was happier without you, and you turning up like a bad penny has just annoyed her!”

“And how would you know?”  I snapped at her.

“Because she told me”

“Like hell she did!”

“Oh she did, and don’t get your hopes up about making up with her because she is taken now” Ali said laughing derisively.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you so stupid, me and Cara are together now”


“Oh no its true, in fact I was this close to going to bed with her the other night,” she held her fingers inches apart. “But I didn’t because we had only just started dating, but let me tell you, she is an incredible kisser!”

“Yeah right, you’re a pissing liar!” I said; my fists in balls and shaking uncontrollably, it was taking all my effort not to punch her right in the face. I turned on her and started to make myself a cup of tea.

“Don’t you turn your back on me” she said in a dangerously quiet voice.

I shot her my middle finger but did not turn around, so she took it upon herself to turn me around to face her. Her face was inches from mine as she spoke.

“Let me make this clear to you, keep away from Cara, she is my girlfriend now and if you try and take her from me, I know some people who will beat you to a bloody pulp for me! Are we clear?” she said spitting in my face for good measure.  

I had lost my nerve and nodded before bolting for the door and taking the stairs up to my bedroom two at a time, slamming it with a resoundingBANG,locking it and sitting on my bed quaking.

I had never had someone threaten me like Ali had just done, and if my best friend was going out with that monster then I feared for her safety.

I sat on my bed for an age in a kind of horrified stupor before getting off my bed, walking over to my bag which was overflowing with textbooks I needed to read for that Mondays lecture and sunk back onto my bed. I needed to read my textbooks and so would not be leaving the bedroom …. I didn’t want to be threatened again.

A stray tear slipped from my eye and splashed down on the open textbook on my lap.

“I will not cry!”

The End

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