Cara: ReturnedMature

Liam, Ali and I decided to nip to the corner shop in our pjs for snack food and fizzy pop.

"Oooooh, I want minstrels!" I grabbed a pack and threw it in our basket. Biscuits, chocolate bars and fizzy pop later and we were paying.

As we walked back we got funny looks from all the people in the street. You'd think they'd never seen hungover students before.

"I cannot wait to eat this stuff!" Ali was hurrying along, swinging the shopping bag.

"Hey, save some for us!" Liam cried and grabbed me by the hand, pulling me after him. We burst through the front doors, laughing and smiling, despite the headaches.

"Let's stick on a film, and eat this shit." Ali said, practically skipping down the corridor.

"How is she so cheerful all of a sudden?" I asked Liam, confused about where her hangover had gone.

"I think she had a couple of shots before we left. She's drinking to get over her hangover."

"Oh great. So she's going to be all cheerful. Not sure I can deal with that." I grinned.

"I'll help you cheer up." He grabbed me and started tickling.

"No! NO!" I screamed through my giggles. I dropped the snacks and tried to fight back, but he was too strong for me. At that point, the door to the stairs opened and both Liam and I paused. Anna. Oh shit.

"Anna... what are you doing back?" Liam asked, letting go of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, and yet all I wanted was to look away.

"I wanted to see Cara... sort things out." She said, looking at me.

Liam looked at me. He seemed to be waiting for my decision, as if he didn't want to leave me in an awkward situation.

"Anna... I can't do this now. I've got a wicked hangover and I won't be thinking straight. But we were going to go watch a movie and eat some snacks... so you could come sit in if you wanted. We could have the talk when I feel better."

I grabbed the bag from the floor and went in to the living room. Ali was setting up the tv and had set some dvds out.

"What took you so long?"

"Anna's back."

The End

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