Anna: ReturningMature

I carefully unlocked the front door to my house and slipped quietly inside, it was still early and I had a feeling that my parents would still be asleep. I was wrong. As the door clicked shut my dad’s deep voice called from inside the kitchen.

“Is that you Anna?”

“Yeah” I called back trying to keep my voice calm, but still shocked at what I had done the previous night.

“How was Leanne’s?” he asked as I entered the kitchen to see him just lighting up a cigarette.

“Yeah she’s fine, anyway never mind that I thought you’d quit?” I said nodding towards the cigarette between my dad’s fingers.

“I had, but then I started again but don’t lecture me Anna, I’m already getting dirty looks from your mother,” I rolled my eyes, Dad had quit thousands of times but the fact remained that he still didn’t last more than two days before buying a new packet. I had come to the conclusion that dad enjoyed smoking and didn’t really want to quit. He had promised my mother countless times that he would quit and never did.

“By the way dad, I have decided that I might go back to university early as I have left a few of my textbooks in my room and I need then to do my assignments which are due in soon,” I said hoping against hope that he would believe this as the truth was that I wanted to make things up with Cara and that I had no assignments to do yet. The reading week was true though.

“Already?” he said looking up from his paper and frowning, you have only been back a night and you didn’t even sleep here then.”

“Yeah, sorry it was such a flying visit but I also need to redecorate my room at the flat ….”

“What do you mean redecorate, your room was lovely when me and your mum helped you move in, what’s wrong with it Anna? You’re wasting your money!”

I paused for a second then decided on the truth, “Well there is this new girl that has moved into the flat and I have swapped rooms with her as she is on the same cause as Cara is, so I am in the room upstairs now.”

“What that horrible room which looks as though it needs to be ripped out?” he questioned.

“Yeah” I mumbled to my feet.

“Well I will help you redecorate it and make it the best in the house but you will have to bare with me until the end of the month until I get paid then I will come and redecorate it for you” he said with a grin – dad enjoyed renovating things.”

“Cool, in the mean time I’ll see if I can share Cara’s room, I am sure she won’t mind” I said, thinking that I may end up sleeping in the horrible room if Cara was still in a mood with me.

“Well I better get my things together and head back to university” I said turning on my heel and heading back to my bedroom and also pulling out my mobile. I scrolled down my contacts until I reached Cara’s number, pushed the green call button and pressed my phone to my ear – willing her to pick up, just so I could tell her I was coming back and that I wanted to sort things out with her.

No answer.

I tried again and still no answer.

I gave up and slipped my phone back in my jeans pocket and began throwing things unceremoniously into my bag and was packed in under half an hour.

I poked my head around the living room door whilst slipping on my coat; my parents were sat watching Jeremy Kyle on TV, my dad’s brow was furrowed and he was shaking his head in disgust.

“I think it’s horrible how a person can use a baby as a weapon against the other, it sickens me, and what is worse is that it’s not even their child, they are lesbians and they were allowed to adopt, its scandalous!  And now they are using it as a weapon just because their disgusting lesbian relationship has broken down and they want custody.”  

A shiver went down my spine, as though someone has just tipped a bucket of cold water over my head, I had never thought that my parents may not like the idea of their daughter being gay, and I didn’t dare tell them that the reason I was home was because I had fallen out with Cara, who had at that time been my girlfriend (and hopefully still was.)

“I’m going now” I said stepping into the room.

“Okay then Anna, take care of yourself” my mum said getting up from her seat and pulling me into a hug.

“Don’t worry mum, I will and I will see you soon” I gave her a peck on the cheek as I pulled out of the hug then gave my dad a kiss too.

With that I left the house and made my way slowly towards the train station, not knowing what would await me when I returned to the flat.


As it happened, nothing awaited me when I arrived at the flat – no-one was in.

I slipped silently inside and climbed the stairs to my bedroom, dumped my things onto my bed and locked myself inside. I then switched on my laptop and began to type up some notes which had scrawled in almost illegible handwriting in my notepad onto Microsoft word whilst keeping an ear out for sounds of Cara returning home.

The End

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