Anna: Big MistakeMature

Cold toes brushed against my leg and my eyes snapped open, I tried to lift my head but a sharp pain made it almost impossible. I remembered faintly having my arm twisted into having several drinks which must have turned into dozens more. The previous nights evens were a blur inside my head, events were beginning to amalgamate but not necessarily in the right order.

I remembered going around to Leanne’s house and being pulled into a tight embrace the moment I stepped over the threshold of her house. Leanne had been a good friend to me throughout college and it was good to see her again.  Then …. I strained my memory trying to think about what had happened next; Leanne had suggested that we went out, bought a few bottles of alcohol from the supermarket and come back to hers and drink them. I knew I was a lightweight when it came to drinks so tried politely to refuse but she battered her long fake eyelashes at me and I gave in a giggle escaping my mouth.

Leanne and I caught up on everything whist drinking and ending up making sexual innuendos out of everything and bursting into fits of hysterics (who says that when you go to uni you have to mature.) Being with Leanne I was able to relax and forget about my problems with Cara – in fact forget about Cara completely, which might have lead to one of my biggest mistakes yet!-

I rolled over to find that the toes that had brushed so delicately passed my leg had been Leanne’s  and I moaned as I remembered exactly what had happened.

Alcohol can make me act in several different ways, I can get giddy and end up dancing on tables or I can feel tired or I can even get weepy and it just so happened the previous night happened to be one of those weepy times!

“So have you got yourself a fella yet?” Leanne asked, her eyes wide with interest,

“Not exactly….” I said feeling slightly awkward as Leanne didn’t know that I had been in a relationship with Cara (I wasn’t sure whether we still were.)

“We need to go guy hunting sometime then!” she said, raising her bottle of Bulmers into the air and grinning broadly at me  …. A grin I didn’t return, instead I broke down in tears.

“Hey what’s the matter?” she asked sobering up slightly and wrapping an arm around me and I buried my head into her shoulder crying quietly. After several minutes of silently crying into her shoulder I pulled my head away and looked into Leanne’s concerned eyes.

I think it was the alcohol (or at least I hope it was) as when Leanne brushed a tear from my cheek and tucked a stray hair behind my ear I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers.

“Shit!” I muttered scrabbling out of the bed after seeing Leanne lying naked next to me, what had I done?! My mind wouldn’t allow me to remember what had happened next but it was easy enough to guess … I had slept with her.  I located my clothes in a pile by Leanne’s wardrobe and pulled them on, tears streaming uncontrollably from my eyes.

“Where are you going?” Leanne asked sleepily, sitting up in her bed and frowning.

“Last night shouldn’t have happened, I am sorry but I have to go!” I said, pulling on my jacket and running out of her house before she could say another word.

I made a conscience choice whilst running home bawling my eyes out that the place I wanted to be right now was back at uni. I wanted to make things right with Cara.    

The End

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