Cara: Manic PartyMature

I was giggling at the most ridiculous things by three in the morning. We would have gone out clubbing except we were all having way too much fun.

"And Matt's got his second girl of the night in there, because the first one had to go home because she'd drunk too much and..." I paused for a gasping breath as I tried to stop laughing, "She threw up on him as they had sex!" I burst in to another fit of laughter, rolling on the floor as everyone else burst out laughing too. Then the door opened.

"Oh." A blonde girl had emerged from Matt's room and found us all sitting outside. "Excuse me."

"Don't tell us you puked on him too?" Liam chuckled.

"What?" She said, confused. "Why would I puke on him?"

"That's what the other one did."

"What other one?"

"The other girl he had sex with tonight before he got with you."

The girls lip trembled and she turned and went back in to the room. I rolled giggling in to the doorway and we all heard the resounding slap and yelling before she appeared again with her things and stormed too the front door.

Everyone looked at each other, straight, serious faces on. And then we all burst out laughing.

"That'll teach you to stick your dick in every girl available!" Ali yelled in to the room before we rolled around laughing again.

"So, you two." Liam said when we'd finally stopped. "Looks like things were intense there when we played spin the bottle. Will I be hearing things through my wall tonight?"

I hiccuped and giggled.

"If she invites me to her room, yeah. Who could say no?" Ali said with a wink. 

I giggled again.

"I don't think you should Ali." Liam suddenly sobered. "She'll regret it tomorrow if you do. She's drunk and Anna and her only fell out the other day..."

"Screw Anna!" I yelled, then collapsed in to yet another fit of giggles.

"Alright, that's it. She's going to bed." Liam said, lifting me off the floor and throwing me up so I was lying across his arms.

"Oh let her have fun." Ali said, trying to stop him.

"No, she needs to sleep it off."

He carried me in to my room.

"Don't worry, I'll get everyone out. You can sleep it off. Let me get you some water."

He lay me down on the bed and took off my shoes. Then he went to get some water.

I stared up, not quite sure what was going on. Occassionally a giggle escaped my lips, but the after drinking stage had crept up on me. After my 'screw Anna' outburst, I had felt the entire night hit me. It felt like something had hit me, very hard, on the head.

The door opened.

"Liam..." I groaned.

"Here." He lifted up my head and I sipped the water until half the glass was gone. Then I pushed the glass away.

"No more!" I cried and gripped his shirt. "Liam..."

"Here come on. Let's get you in to bed."

I hung on to him.

"Why does this keep happening? Why have I messed up everything?"

"You haven't C. This one's on Anna. Not you."

I looked at him very seriously.

"What if I can never keep a relationship?"

"Then you and I can live together until we die."

I giggled.

"Your wife won't like that."

"Well luckily for you, I'm not good at relationships either, so we'll fit like a glove." He loosened my grip and pulled the covers over me. "There, now let me go get rid of everyone so you can sleep."



"Anyone would be lucky to be in a relationship with you."

"That's the alcohol speaking."

"No, really. They would." I said. There was silence for a second, and then he leaned down and kissed my head.

"Thank you Cara."

The End

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