Anna: No AnswerMature

My dad was glad to see me; it had surprised me when he had said that I had been away at uni for over 2 months and he said that the house was too damn quiet without me.

My bedroom had been left just the way I had left it when I had left, albeit a bit more dust than normal but that was due to the fact that it had been uninhabited for so long. A soft wind blew though my open bedroom window and tinkled to wind chimes which dangled from the curtain rail. It only occurred to me then that home may not have been the best option if I didn’t want to be reminded of Cara as my bedroom was full of reminders.

The wind chimes were from Cara, several old teddies on my top shelf were from Cara and a photo frame on my bedside table with a picture of her and me pulling silly faces at the camera was also from her. Looking at the picture on my bedroom table made my eyes suddenly fill with tears; it made me wonder whether I hadn’t over reacted slight …. It was a habit of mine to blow things out of all proportions.

I switched on my phone and even the wallpaper on my phone was on Cara and me; I strained my memory back to the night it had happened and with a sudden jolt of realization remembered that Cara hadn’t kissed her ex at all, she’d kissed her and it had only been on the cheek. I had blown this out of all proportions and had to make it right before it was too late!

I scrolled though my contacts and found Cara’s number and hit the call button, desperate for her to answer but she didn’t, meaning her phone was either charging, or she was ignoring my call. I would have gambled all the money in my bank account that she had ignored it, I sighed resigning myself to my previous resolution about sorting things out when I returned to uni.

Suddenly my phone began to ring and I peered at the screen, but it wasn’t Cara, it was Leanne.

“Hey Lea”

“Hey Anna, just finished work and was wondering if I could pull you away from your studies to chill at mine? We have a lot to catch up on!”

“Yeah sounds great” I said smiling, knowing that catching up with Leanne would take my mind off Cara.

I hung up and turned my phone off and plugged the charger in, then I packed some things (incase I ended up crashing at Leanne's) and left for her house.

The End

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