Cara: Pulling awayMature

I saw Anna, saw the train pull away and stood limply, not knowing what to do.

My cheek still stung, my head rang with the events of the night. Anna... you silly sod. You misunderstood...

I tried ringing her, over and over, but she had turned her phone off after the first time.

I wandered aimlessly down the station until I reached the entrance.

"Cara!" Ali called, running up. She had followed me to the flat, and then to the train station. "What happened?"

"She got on a train."

"She'll be back. You can explain."

"Yeah." I smiled slightly at her.

"Come here." She pulled me in to a hug and I snuggled in to her warmth."God you're freezing! Come on, let's get you home."

She took me home, and made me a hot chocolate while I tried calling Anna again, left her voicemails, sent her texts. I explained in each message what had happened, told her to come back, and finally texted,

Fine! I didn't do anything wrong but if

you want to overreact and go off then go!

Just know nothing happened and you're wrong! I would

never do that to you. But if you want this to be over before

it's even begun, then I guess it's over. Just at least

let me know if you still want me to be your girlfriend when you

come back.


When I'd sent that I threw my phone down and groaned. Ali sat next to me and set my hot chocolate in front of me.

"There you go. Don't worry. She'll be back remember? She has to be."

"Ali, she's overreacting like she always does. But this time, I'm not the friend that gives her space, or helps her out. I'm the girlfriend, and I don't know how to be that with her."

"Well haven't you been out with a girl before?"

"Once. Not for long. It didn't go very far."

"And that was the girl she saw you with?"


"Well you've got good taste. But you need to know how to deal with girls before you get in to a serious relationship. And by the looks of it, Anna thought you were in one with her. How many girls has she been with...?"


"Ha seriously?"I gave her a look. "Wow, well that explains it!"


"She's way too straight with you. She was acting like the stereotypical weak girlfriend with the good looking guy who lots of girls flirt with. And in a lesbian relationship, it just doesn't go like that."

"You sound like you know what you're on about." I pointed out.

"Well that's because I do."

I knew it!

"Three gay people in a flat? I feel sorry for the guys."

"Honey, I don't think Anna's gay. I think she's experimenting. Did anything drastic happen with men before she got with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well some girls who experiment do it because they've been abused at an early age, or because they had a bad first time or..."

"... Anna had just lost her virginity to the wrong guy..." I was starting to think maybe Ali was speaking sense, as I laced the timeline together.

"Well there we go. She was probably just seeking comfort and experimenting. Or she confused her friendship with you for something else."


"But it's good you realised now right?"

"I suppose. If it's true that is."

The End

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