Anna: Running From The ProblemMature

The sound of my hand slapping Cara's face reverberated in my ears as i hurried out of the packed club, weaving in and out of the drunken students clutching bottles of beer in their hands.

I felt awful for slapping Cara, i had never hit her before but on the other hand it had allowed me to vent some of the anger i felt towards her for allowing her ex girlfriend to kiss her.

It made ne question whether she truely loved me and I her, I hadn't thought about it before i had gone with the flow. But now ... I was confused. I didn't stop running until i reached the cul-de-sac our flat was situated, clutching a stitch in my chest and stifelling my sobs but at the same time tears were making a steady course down my cheeks and ruining my makeup.

I leaned against a cool brick wall, breathing deeply and trying to work out what to do. I couldn't stay at the flat - it would be too awkward, but i could go home for a week. I remembered that the lecturer on my course had given the class a reading week so that we could all read though all the textbooks we should have all read before the term had started .... but no-one (including myself) had.

I nodded, a plan formulated inside my head and made my way quickly towards the flat, intending on packing and leaving before Cara could make it back. I jammed the key in the lock and turned pushing the door open. I legged in up the stairs and into the horrible bedroom which should have been Ali's, another reason for going home.

With no care for the neatness of my packing, i thrust everything i needed, including a few heavy textbooks into my rucksack and hurried back out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

I was about halfway along the corridor, heading for the front door when Matt poked his head around his bedroom door, looking as though he had just woken up from a nap.

"God, thought you were an elephant!" he said.

"Why would i be an elephant?" i snapped

"Whats with all the noise  Anna?"

"Nothing" I mutteded, holding my keys tighter in my hand so that they were invariably making indentations in my hand, and itching to leave the flat quickly.

"Where are you going?" Matt asked, nodding at my rucksack.

"Oh, my lecturer issued my class with a reading week so we could readf all the textbooks we should have read before we started so i though i'd go home, see my parents and do my reading there," I replied nonchalantly whilst tightening grip on my keys.

"So whats your rush?"

"I have a train to catch and i need to go .... now!"

Matt eyed me suspiciously for a moment before saying, "Okay bye then" and closing his bedroom door.

At this i made my leave and i sprinted though the night and towards the train station.

"One ... one ticket to BossingBury Town please" I panted when I reached the kiosk at the train station.

"Do you want a return ticket?" the man in the kiosk asked and i shook my head, I would get a return ticket when i needed one.

"Well the train has just pulled up miss, so if you would like to climb aboard" the man said, and i smiled and thanked him before clambering aboard the train to find a seat. I found a seat by the window which looked out at the platform which was deserted, however as soon as the train started moving i saw Cara running frantically on to the platform and scan the windows of the train to try and spot me.

Our eyes met for the briefest of seconds before i turned in my seat so my back was to the window, I pulled my phone out of my pocket which Cara was now ringing pressed the red button to reject the call and turn my phone off. I would deal with the whole Cara situation when i came back .... until then I would make her sweat.

Furthermore I now had a very large bone to pick with Matt when i saw him next for telling Cara where i was going!

The End

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