Cara: Sharing the dance floorMature

"I'm ready to go!" I shouted, waiting in the hall with Liam. "Honestly, how long do these girls take?"

"Forever clearly." He grinned. "How come you managed to get ready so fast?"

"I don't spend a million years deciding my outfit, my makeup, my heels, my bag, my accessories... you see the list goes on and on."

"Well thank god that I don't have to stand here waiting on my own." He chuckled, as my door opened and Anna stepped out in a blue dress. She looked beautiful.

"Well it's about time." I said. "But you look beautiful."

"Thank you." She grinned. The door to Ali's room opened, and she came out, wearing a tight black dress. For a second I was glad Anna had turned round to see her come out, because the look on my face was probably not one she'd have liked. Ali seemed to catch it though, and grinned. I kept an indifferent look on my face as Anna turned to look at me and smiled at her.

"Finally! Let's go!" I cried and turned to the door. Liam led the way, and I attempted to focus my mind on my actual girlfriend instead of Ali, who I could feel walking just behind me, looking as though she were ready to seduce the entire campus. 

"So, where should we take them?" Anna said, gripping my arm.

"I was thinking where we went on our first night here?"

"Yeah, that'd be good." Anna must know I was avoiding the best club in town, because that was the place that reminded me of Amy. God, I just realised! Three A's! I must have a thing for women with the letter A. Not that I had a thing for Ali...

"Come on then, let's go!" I cried, trying to get my head round all that had just become clear. We marched up the high street and in to the queue for the club.

"So is this your favourite place?" Liam asked.

"One of them."

"What are the others?"

"Oh you know, there are a couple of good clubs." I looked over at the queue forming for the dance space: it was monday night, so people would be street dancing. 

"We should go to that one." Ali said, pointing at it.

"That one does street dance on a monday."

"Cool." Liam and Ali chorused. "Let's go."

I glanced at Anna who shrugged and nodded. Ah, it seems she didn't remember that was Amy's favourite spot. Ok, man up.

"Alright, let's go." We swapped queues, and I handed my money over, showing my id. We entered and Ali clutched my arm.

"This is amazing." She shouted over the music. I grinned at her and then led the way to the bar so we could get a drink before the dancing started. As we sat at the bar, I scanned the room carefully. I couldn't see Amy, but it was pretty jam packed, so I couldn't be sure.

"Let's dance!" Ali cried, and pulled on my arm. I caught Anna glaring and grabbed her hand, pulling her with me so she couldn't complain. Liam followed. As we made our way to the dance area, I saw there were some really good groups battling in the reserved street dance areas. As we pushed our way to the front to watch one I felt someone grab my arm. I turned, expecting to see Liam or Anna since Ali was ahead of me, but instead came face to face with Amy.

"We need to talk!" She cried. I looked to see Liam and Anna had followed Ali to the front so nodded and followed her. We reached the quieter area of the bar and sat.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"To explain. She was my best friend Cara! She always has been. I thought that... well I thought I couldn't lose her, but I didn't want to be in a relationship. She's gone. We never did anything."

"It doesn't even matter. I'm with someone else." Amy's face dropped.


"I'm sorry." And I really was. I still liked her. "I'd like to carry on dancing with you, and hanging out, but at the moment... I need to be with her."

She smiled.

"I understand." Then she leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek."Go. And I'll see you tomorrow night?"

"You bet." I grinned. As she walked off I turned to go and join the others. But Anna, Ali and Liam were all stood there, looking at me. And Anna's face was really upset. I went over.

"What's the matter?" She slapped my face and ran off."Anna!" I turned back to the others. "What did I do?"

"She saw that other girl kiss you I think." Liam said.

"What? Amy wasn't... Oh crap. I have to find her and explain."

"Come on, we can do this welcome to the flat thing another time." Ali said, taking my arm. I smiled gratefully.


The End

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