Anna: Sharing With CaraMature

“Come on Anna, please come out with us all tonight” Cara called through the door, “You and Ali got off on the wrong foot that’s all.”

“You can say that again” I retorted, “First she gives me proper evils and I mean if looks could kill and then she takes my room and makes me move into this one!”

“Yeah it does sound bad when you say it like that…” she began before pausing, trying my bedroom door again which was still locked and then saying quickly, “Oh Anna please open up, I want to talk properly and I feel like an idiot talking to a wooden door!”

I got slowly off my bed and slid the bolt back, allowing Cara to enter before sitting back on my bed and being instantly engulfed by yet more dust. Cara’s eyes scanned the room in disgust,
“Its awful in here, look why don’t you come and sleep in my room until we can get this room redecorated, I’ll let you have choice of the sofa bed or mine?” Cara suggested and I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Okay” I said, grateful for any excuse to not have to sleep in this horrible bedroom, “but only until it’s redecorated mind you, I may be your girlfriend but I won’t take advantage of you!”

“I don’t mind” she said sweetly planting a kiss tenderly on my lips, “I love having you near me, I’ll almost be sorry to see you move back in here when it’s redecorated ….you’ll have the nicest room in the house!”

“The nicest probably but by far the smallest” I replied,
“I’ll help you decorate it if you want, if….” She said slyly.
“If what?” I said eyeing her suspiciously after spotting the mischievous glint in her eye.

“If you come out tonight with me, Ali and Liam, pretty please” she said fluttering her eyelashes, “Pretty please with a cherry on top” she asked planting kisses down my neck and making my whole body tingle.

“Well….” I said playfully, responding to her kisses by kissing her back, running my lips down her neck, “Okay then,”

Cara whooped loudly before pulling me close for a tender kiss, my heart beating rapidly while her soft, lips were on mine and her soft silky hair ran through my hair so easily, like water trickling out of cupped hands. “You never know, you and Ali might find some common ground.”

“Somehow I doubt that but there is no harm in trying. Anyway help me move some of my things downstairs and before you offer me your bed Cara I’ll have the sofa bed.”

“Are you sure because I don’t mind if you….”

“Cara, the sofa bed is fine” I assured her before picking up a box of things which I hadn’t unpacked yet after moving into the room and headed downstairs.

“What’s happening here?” Ali asked me as I emerged from Cara’s bedroom after depositing another box of my belongings into the room.

“Cara said that its okay if I want to stay in her room until I can get my new room redecorated so the living conditions are habitable” I said with a smile at the look of pure annoyance on her face.

“Well me and Cara will be comparing notes frequently and discussing your English course, so I don’t think you….” I cut her off there by saying,

“Oh that’s fine, I almost did English instead of Psychology at uni so it will be interesting to see what you are doing” then I hurried upstairs to get the last of my things, a bubble of laughter escaping my mouth at the look of utter horror and hatred etched onto her face.

The End

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