Cara: Arguements and ArrangementsMature

"Anna. Seriously. Come out and talk."


"Anna, I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought it would help!"

"Leave me alone."

"Anna, come on!"


I groaned and kicked the door in anger.

"You're impossible!" There was silence from the other side of the door. "Fine. Come and find me when you feel like talking."

I stormed downstairs and slammed my room. A few minutes passed before there was a quiet knock on the door. I answered it.

"That didn't take... oh, hey Ali."

Ali stood in the corridor, smiling.

"Hey. I want to go over the books for next week if that's alright."

"Oh yeah sure, come in."

"Thanks." We sat down on the bed and Ali unfolded a sheet. "Ok. So have you read the books?"

"Not yet..." I grinned.

"Me neither. Ok so Woman in White. And Silas Marner. Know anything about them?"

"Not a thing."

"Same. Guess we're actually going to have to do the work."

We spent an hour talking over things that we'd already learned, and then another two chatting about anything and everything. Ali was easy to talk to, she was nice, funny and I felt completely able to sit and talk about anything till we couldn't talk anymore.

"You know, we should all go out tonight. Celebrate having new housemates."

"Yeah that'd be nice."

"Ok. You tell the guys, and I'll tell Anna." I said, getting up.

"She doesn't like me does she?" Ali said, standing too.

"No, no, she just doesn't know you..."

"No she seriously doesn't. But I think that's ok."

"Yeah? Why?"

"Because I think she only dislikes me because she thinks I'm competition. And I take that as a compliment."

"Competition for what?"

"For you." Ali grinned and left, leaving me speechless in my room. Did she mean competition for friends, or girlfriends? I didn't know whether Liam or Ali knew Anna was my girlfriend, but then, Ali had seemed a little like she was flirting.

I shook the thought from my mind and went to convince Anna to come out with us tonight.

The End

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