Anna: Forced OutMature

“You want me to do what?” I asked incredulously, hands on hips and glaring furiously at Ali.

“Well seeing as though both Cara and I are studying English, I thought that it would be good if we were next door to each other so that we can revise together and stuff” she replied, rather cheekily I thought.

“So basically you are wanting me to move out of my bedroom and into the only bedroom that’s upstairs and was allocated to you, bit cheeky of you I think, seeing as though one, neither me nor Cara hardly know you…” I so wanted to add ‘or want to’ to the end of that sentence but bit my tongue, “…. And two, me and Cara have been best friends for years!”

“So you won’t switch with me then.”

“Wow, do you want a sticker, you got the answer right” I said sarcastically and viciously.

“I just think it’s practical that if me and Cara are doing the same course then if we are next door to each other we can compare notes and stuff …. Whereas someone studying someone Psychology might prefer the idea of having the only bedroom upstairs, it would be more tranquil and you could concentrate without getting disturbed.” Ali said.

“Read. My. Lips” I said slowly, treating her as though she was very dumb, “N.O” I said, pronouncing each letter, and then before she could protest I slammed my door in her face.

What gave her the right to come barging into the flat that I’d already been living in for months and demand that I gave up my room and gave it to her and live instead in the only bedroom upstairs which had always remained empty as no-one had liked the idea of being up a very steep flight of stairs, at the top of which was the smallest bedroom possible.  James and Dan had shared a bedroom to allow Kelly to have what would have been Dan’s bedroom as she had also felt the same way about this room as I did.

At a first glance at the bedroom up the flight of stairs when we had first moved in, everyone had instantly cringed inwardly; for one thing, it was considerably smaller than the other bedrooms; the walls had been painted an awful maroon colour and the floor wooden. The window wasn’t particularly appealing either, it’s frame had been made out of cheep wood, some of which was splintering off and this wood had been painted a horrible green colour which clashed horribly with the maroon walls. At to top it off, the window itself didn’t match the others in the house and the view it showed was of the back alleyway and the bins.

No chance was I moving out of this room!

There was a soft tap on the door and I pulled it open to find Cara standing there, I pulled her inside quickly and pushed the bedroom door shut behind me.

“Have you heard what that new girl Abi ...”

“Ali” she corrected

“Whatever – have you heard what she is asking me to do….”

“Yeah, I know I suggested it ….” She said an uncertain edge to her voice.

“WHAT!” I exploded, “Why?”

“Well it came about when she said that she too was studying English and I thought….”

“What? You thought I would appreciate being kicked out of my bedroom by a girl, a girl we hardly know, your kicking your girlfriend out of her own bedroom!”

“Your over-exaggerating….*

“Cara, I think you need to book an eye test to check to see if your vision is working fine…. Have you SEEN that room?”

“Yeah….and with a bit of work …..”

“Cara …. A bit of work? That room needs bulldozing and rebuilding!”

“Come on Anna; don’t be like this, it makes sense”

“Me? Difficult, I’ll show you difficult …. Now if you don’t mind I’ve got some packing to do” I spat, now in a towering rage.

Cara shook her head in utter disbelief then left the bedroom.

I began ripping down the posters from my wall and throwing things haphazardly into boxes, I was seething with anger and my mind was coming up with ways to get rid of Ali already.

It took me several trips to move all my things from what was my room and into this death trap, I slammed the door and bolted it, not wanting to be disturbed as I let a lone tear trickle down my face.

I plonked myself down on the bed and was instantly engulfed by a cloud of dust which had come from the depths of the old bed. Lovely!

The End

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