Anna: Instant DislikeMature

Her kiss still tingled lingering tantalisingly on my lips as I quickly left the room and entered my own still feeling dazed and confused as to what had just happened but perfectly content with myself.

My head buzzed with thoughts about Cara and my heart seemed to skip a beat, this kiss itself had felt right and my lips seem to ache, desperate to meet her soft lips again, but a part of me still felt like the same ‘straight’ girl I had been for the past eighteen years. I wondered how I my feelings could change at the touch of her lips on mine, her hands running affectionately through my hair and Cara herself looking at me as more than a best friend but a lover too.

I opened my bedside cabinet draw and pulled out a small jewellery box which was overflowing with necklaces, bracelets and earrings that I had been given or bought over the years, some still looked new, having never had an occasion special enough to wear them and others were old, some of the backs from earrings were missing and some the clasps on some of the necklaces broken but they all held too much sentimental value to throw them away.

I routed around inside the box eventually pulling out my Pandora bracelet which Cara had given me for my 18th birthday and slipped it oh-so-carefully back onto my wrist after having shoved it into my jewellery box weeks previously as it presented a constant painful reminded that we  (Cara and I) hadn’t been speaking. I fiddled with the best friend charm which Cara had also bought me and smiled warmly to myself, Cara was more than my best friend now, she was my girlfriend but most importantly she was my whole world.

My mind started to wander and it was only when Cara called; "Anna? Our new flatmates are here, come and meet them," that I was pulled back to reality.

I walked across the room and opened my bedroom door, my charm bracelet jingling merrily on my wrist.

“Hi” I said smiling at the newcomers, one of whom was a tall muscular blonde guy who seemed like he could be in the Guinness world book of records for the most amount of girls to fancy him at any one time. The other slim petite girl with long dark hair, makeup caked her face and I guessed that she spent at least twenty minutes in front of the mirror perfecting her makeup as her eyes were pitch black because of the massive amount of mascara and eyeliner she obviously used. Then again saying that, i hardly wore any makeup so to other people more experienced than me at applying and wearing makup this level of makeup would probably have looked normal.

I caught sight of Matt leaning in his doorway, topless as he almost always was nowadays and I scowled at him – he smirked back before slipping back into his bedroom to resume his very active sex life with his new girlfriend who’s name I did not know or want to know as she was as slutty as the others had been and she would have been replaced before the weeks end.

"This is Ali, and Liam." Cara said pointing to each one of them in turn.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Anna. It will be nice to have new flatmates." I said, giving Liam a warm and welcoming smile and purposely avoiding Ali’s gaze. I don’t know what I had done but by the look she had given me when she had seen me I guessed that she had already judged me and had concluded that she didn’t like me at all.

This bothered me slightly, as I had only been in the room a minute or so with her and hadn’t even spoken to her yet so how could she have taken a dislike to me already. Nevertheless, if she spent as long as I thought she did in front of the mirror then she must be very vain.

And I didn’t like vain people at all!

“Hello, nice to meet you!” I said to Ali, holding out my hand for her to shake.

Nothing happened, she looked at me and then down at my outstretched hand with disgust before blanking it and going to introduce herself properly to Cara who was talking to Liam and who clearly hadn’t seen this hostility towards me.

Yep …. It was clear that living with Ali was going to be fun to say the least.

The End

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