Cara: KissingMature

At last! My heart and brain were screeching at me, telling me this was her, this was it! Her lips caused fire on my skin, caused electricity to pulse through my body. I pulled her tighter, and she responded by wrapping her arms around my neck in a loving embrace. This was right.

When we broke apart for air, I held on to her, gazing at her face which seemed new, different, more alive. I stroked a hair from her face.

"Well..." She gasped out, her voice sounding choked, "I guess now we know..."

"I knew from the first kiss." I whispered, trailing delicate kisses over her cheekbones, her jaw line and neck.

"Stop it Cara." She whispered and I looked up. Her cheeks were on fire. I grinned.

"I didn't realise I was that good." I chuckled, before backing off and sitting down. She joined me and leaned against me. I slipped my arm around her.

"This is so strange... so new. I swear I like boys..."

"You can still like boys. It just means I'm going to be doubly jealous all the time... that is, if you will be my girlfriend?"

She looked up at me, her mouth opening and closing like a rather cute goldfish. After a few secconds of this I spoke again.

"I'll take that as a yes." Then I kissed her once more, and let her fingers twist in my hair.

"Yes." She gasped as we parted.

"Thank god!" I laughed.

We sat there for what seemed an age, staring at each other, drinking in this newness. She looked different to me, she looked more beautiful, if that was possible, she looked incredible.

She stood up suddenly. I pouted.

"Don't worry, I won't be gone long. There's something I have to do." She slipped out and left me on the bed.

I closed my eyes and lay down. A million thoughts were shooting through my head.

Mostly Anna... Anna... Anna...

It was such a different feeling from what I had felt before... so strange.

But the most wonderfully brilliant type of strange.

I felt happy.

There was a knock at the front door. Unwillingly I climbed up and went to answer. Anna and Matt were no where to be seen, although I thought I could hear Matt and his girlfriend groaning in his room.

I opened the door. Three people were stood there, one of them was the woman in charge of accomadation.

"Hello, these are your new flatmates." She said, and then walked in. I stood a little dumbfounded as the two students walked in, one a tall muscular blonde guy who looked like he should be in an gym lifting swooning girls, and the other a slim, rather attractive girl with dark hair and even darker eyes. They both smiled at me.

"Hey, I'm Liam." The guy said, and then gestured at the girl. "And this is Ali."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Cara."

"Hi Cara." Ali seemed quiet, although whether that was just nerves I had no idea.

The door to Matt's room opened and he appeared, topless, his new girl peering out from behind him. I glared at him but felt obliged to introduce him.His eyes were glued to Ali's body.

"Ali, Liam, this is Matt and... sorry I don't know who you are?"

The girl giggled and backed in to his room. Matt stopped perusing Ali for a moment to look after his lover and then turned back.

"Hey." He said. Liam shook his hand and Ali nodded.

"Isn't there another housemate?" The housing lady asked.

"Yes, Anna's in her room. I'll get her out." I went and knocked on the door.

"Anna? Our new flatmates are here, come and meet them."

The door opened and Anna appeared. I could tell she'd been trying to think things through. I knew her that well.

"Hi!" She greeted the flatmates, then caught Matt's eye and scowled. He smirked back.

"This is Ali, and Liam." I said, pointing to them.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Anna. It will be nice to have new flatmates."

"Well, I'll leave you to get to know each other." The lady said, and left.

The End

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