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Neither Cara nor I spoke for weeks on end and although both of us hated it we refused to submit and be the first to talk to the other. The flat was filled with awkward silences between Cara, Matt and I.

I knew that Dan, Kelly and James were treading on eggshells, talking in whispers to each other, confining themselves to their bedrooms and slipping quickly out of the room when any of us entered. I snatched a snippet of their conversation, standing outside the kitchen;

“I reckon the three of us should get a flat of our own, it’s too awkward here” I heard James say.

“I agree” Kelly said.

“Me too” Dan said, “But what about Matt?”

“He has changed so much, he hasn’t spoken to us for months and anyway if he doesn’t pull his act together and focus more on his education rather than girls he’ll get kicked out!” James said.

I nodded in agreement fully aware that none of them knew I was eavesdropping before turning and going back into my bedroom quietly clicking my bedroom door shut behind me. James was right, Matt had changed since I broke up with him – He had brought back to the flat girl after girl proving to me how shallow Matt really was, and purposely making loud over exaggerated noises of pleasure which could be heard quite easily though the thin walls of the flat – whether this was to make me jealous or not I didn’t know or really care.

James, Kelly and Dan were true to their word and did indeed move out of the flat, making excuse after excuse as to why they were leaving but not knowing that I knew the truth. It hurt me slightly they had decided to leave as I had grown quite close to Kelly in the weeks that Cara and I weren’t speaking, finding loads of things in common, however I knew that no-one would be able to stand being caught in the middle of an argument walking around on egg shells to ensure that no-one would spontaneously combust.

I had taken to staying in my room when I was in the flat, the first week or so was because that the kitchen was being redecorated after Matt’s little temper tantrum (something which Matt was forced to pay for) but the rest of the time was because I couldn’t stand the unbearable tension.

It was especially awkward when one I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea to find a girl not much older than me dressed only in a silky dressing gown which looked too small to properly cover her large breasts leaning against the counter, a steaming mug of coffee in her hands.

“Who are you?” I asked her,

“I’m Jasmine,” she said but when I still continued to look confused she elaborated, “I’m Matt’s girlfriend.”

“Oh” I said, turning to leave the kitchen and go back into my bedroom, no longer thirsty.

“Who are you?” Jasmine asked and I wheeled around to look at her.

“Oh no-one just the unfortunate person who dated Matt first and was unlucky enough to be forced to loose her purity to the shallow person who is Matt. Let me give you a word of advice Jasmine and by the looks of it, it might be hard but I’d keep your underwear on.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked furiously, placing down her mug with such force that it subsequently slopped coffee onto the counter.

“I’m just saying that Matt is not as sweet as he portrays, he only wants one thing,”

“That’s a lie” Jasmine said waspishly.

“Is it?” I asked her? “Tell me Jasmine, does Matt ever take you out anywhere?”

She contemplated this for a while before saying, “We prefer to say in and …. Do other things.”

“Like sex?” I asked.

“He is a sex god,” she enthused and at that moment Matt entered the kitchen, spotted Jasmine, planted a kiss on her and slipped one hand inside her dressing gown so that he could massage her boob whilst the other hand wandered southbound.

“Your funeral,” I muttered before leaving the room.

Predictably later on that day I was trying to block out the sounds of pleasurable moans from Matt and Jasmine by turning my I-pod up to full blast and singing loudly to the song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye.

Not a week later and Jasmine and Matt were no more and he was now dating a girl called Nikki who seemed just as shallow as Matt himself so they seemed to suit each other well … or so I thought until Nikki too was dumped and replaced with a girl called Natalie, a girl with sleek blonde hair and spidery long legs.

And that’s how it continued for weeks on end and finally all the tension got to me and I decided to talk to Cara. I knocked timidly on her bedroom door and slipped inside. Cara was concentrating on her laptop and didn’t look up.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Look, I know things have been... well I want everything to be like it was... can't we just forget this...?" I said quickly scared that if I didn’t say it quickly I wouldn’t say it at all.

"No." she said simply

"Well why not?" I asked angrily marching up beside her.


"Because what?" I asked sharply.

No response.

"Because of what??!!" I cried shaking her shoulder.

Cara stood up sharply and grabbed me, pulling me in for a kiss. My lips met her soft ones but before I had time to contemplate the kiss it was over.

“Because of that” she said simply and I just looked at her, my brain suddenly unable to think.

What the hell had just happened? Was the first thought that came into my head when my brain started working again.

“Say something” Cara said gazing at me apprehension on her face.

I opened my mouth, closed it, swallowed then opened my mouth again attempted speech but no sound came out , so instead I grabbed the front of Cara’s clothes and pulled her in for another kiss, our lips fitting together like the pieces of a jigsaw.

The End

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