Cara:Because of that.Mature

We spent weeks not talking. The first few were filled with tears on both our parts; I could hear her crying through the wall and I was sure she could hear me. The flat was filled with awkward silences, and the occassional bang when Matt had thrown something at a wall. Recently though, the banging of objects had taken to a new kind of banging, probably all to try and make Anna jealous. If she even noticed, I didn't know.

It was the third week when I finally heard a knock on my door. Anna slipped in.

"Cara?" I didn't turn round, focussing instead on my essay.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Look, I know things have been... well I want everything to be like it was... can't we just forget this...?"


"Well why not?" She said angrily, marching up to beside me. 


"Because what?" She asked sharply. I stayed silent. "Because of what??!!" She cried, shaking my shoulder. I stood up sharply and grabbed her, pulling her in for a kiss. Our lips met, my lips exploded, and I let go of her.

"Because of that."

The End

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