Cara: A Million ThoughtsMature

A million thoughts span through my head while I waited for Anna. Part of them were occupied by wanting to know what was happening in the kitchen, while others were wondering what would happen when Anna came in here. And then there was the section that made me shiver.

What did I feel for her?

I'd always considered her my best friend; I knew we got on really well. But was there something more? It confused me, it scared me, and it actually excited me. I felt the tingling down my spine as I thought of Anna, of the kiss we'd shared.

What was I feeling?

Love? Lust? Confusion?... well definitely that. But how was I feeling towards the girl I had known all my life... and now felt a stranger to.

I got up and paced, considering the possibilities of what was about to happen.

We could kiss again.

We could talk.

We could argue.

We could be awkwardly silent...

I was confused.

I threw myself on to my bed and stared up at the ceiling.I prayed that Anna would hurry up and I prayed that she'd never come at all. I wasn't ready but I wanted to know. I wasn't sure and yet she was the only thing I knew. I knew her but I didn't.

I felt like my world had been shaken and placed back upside down... like I needed to adjust to the strangeness of this.

And that was when I heard a light knock on my door, and the creak of the handle. The door closed, and I continued to stare at the ceiling.

Her move.

The End

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