Cara: Best Friend IssuesMature

I wasn't sure about Anna's emotions on the subject, but as I collapsed on to my bed, I felt sobs rip through me, and I simply curled up in my bed and cried myself to sleep. In the morning I would have to face her, and she would have to face me.

When I woke I was ready. Ready to face the girl I had grown up with. Ready to face the woman she had become. And ready to do something that could potentially save, or ruin our friendship.

I sat in the kitchen, waiting for her to come out of her room. Matt sidled in,a grin clear on his face. I resisted the urge to punch him.

"Where's Anna?" He asked. "I haven't seen her for a day!"

"Maybe she needed time to recover?" I asked, giving him a look to leave him no doubt that I knew he'd just taken her purity.

"Ah." He said, sitting down. "So I guess now I have to go through the whole best friend protective speech huh?"

"Actually, I'm not sure she'd appreciate that. I think she would rather speak to you herself. Besides, there are... circumstances."

"What circumstances?" He began to ask, but was interrupted by Anna's door opening. I felt both our eyes drawn to it, and watched as Anna exited, looked through the kitchen door, saw both her problems sat together, and lost all facial control that she had clearly been prepping in her room. She looked as though she were going to bolt, but I was faster. I caught her arm as she turned away and pulled her in to the kitchen.

"You and Matt need to talk." I said, sitting her down where I had been moments before.

She began protesting, something about lectures which I knew she didn't have, and tried to pull away. I forced her down.

"Talk." I said firmly. "I'll be in my room. And Anna? Once you've talked to Matt... I'm ready to talk. About yesterday. Ready when you are."

She looked at me with a mixture of hope, confusion and relief. Then trepedation made its way across her face. Before she could speak I repeated;


Then I turned and disappeared in to my room, waiting for the moment when my door would open.

The End

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