Anna: The ExcuseMature

Cara sat back down on my bed and grasped hold of my hands, she still looked shocked and I averted my eyes so I didn’t have to look at her beautiful face. I felt the blood rush to my face with embarrassment; I didn’t know what I had been thinking Cara was my friend, nothing more!

“Anna, look…” she began but I cut her off,

“You don’t have to say it Cara, I know and I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me” I blurted out, still not looking at her. Her hands left mine and I felt my bed rise upwards as she got up off my bed and walked across my room to the door. She stopped momentarily at the door and turned back to look at me.

“I’m going to put the kettle on, do you want a cup of tea?” she asked in an unnaturally quiet voice.

“Umm….” I said, taken aback slightly, the last thing I expected Cara to ask was whether I wanted a cup of tea. For some reason I had lost me ability to speak so I just nodded. My bedroom door creaked shut and I was plunged into the darkness of my bedroom. I rolled over on my bed, leaning on my elbow, facing the wall and allowing a stray tear to roll down my cheek.

Cara did not come back, nor do I even think she was making tea, it was just an excuse to leave. I was positive I could hear her sobbing in her bedroom. Great, I had just ruined my friendship with Cara.

I allowed more tears to trickle down my face, I laid down and allowed my pillow to be slowly soaked in my tears which were now blurring my vision before falling into a dreamless sleep.

If only I could turn back time.

The End

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