As Anna wiped away my tear I felt the urge to speak, but didn't know what words to use. I did not even know what the meaning of my urge to speak would entail. And then, as she brushed hair from my face, she leaned slowly in, and pressed her lips against mine.

Tingling feelings ran through my lips, and I would have pulled her closer if it weren't for two things.

1. Shock.

I was in complete shock over the fact that ANNA, my friend, ANNA, the straightest girl I know, had just KISSED me.

2. Guilt

I knew she was only doing it because she was upset. She was searching for comfort in me, and because she knew I was a lesbian, she had chosen me.

So I pushed her away. And Anna's face dropped.

"Anna." I said quietly, "What are you doing?"

"I-I don't know. You just said it had to be natural... and we've always been natural, so I thought I'd try..." I could see tears building, probably from confusion.

I shifted away, standing instead of being on her bed.

"I think you're upset Anna. I think you just need to remember that I'm your friend. And your only doing this because you're upset and confused about Matt..."

"...No! No! I'm not!"

"Anna... please. It's confusing enough... I'll look after you, I'll comfort you, but don't look to me to be your rebound or experiment."

"I..." She looked at me then closed her mouth. "I'm sorry."

Then I felt a rush of guilt and a rush of the emotion I felt as her lips had touched mine and sat on her bed again.

"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reacted like that."

I took her hand and felt that same tingle.

The End

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