Cara: YOU DID WHAT??Mature

"You did what?" I cried, peering across at my friend in horror.

"I slept with him. I know, it was wrong. He was yours first."

"Ok, and that's the end." Our seminar tutor said. "Well done you two, you played that well." I grinned across at Krisi, and we both sat down. A little bit of drama when reading plays was always fun. "Well, that's the end of that lesson, now remember to read the texts for next week."

As we left, I chatted to Krisi about how fun that was. Krisi was nice, and I knew I'd get along with her. We arranged to meet for drinks tomorrow.

"I'm home!" I yelled as I stepped in to the flat. I hadn't seen anyone last night because I'd been locked away revising, but I intended to watch a film with Anna tonight to make up for it. I knocked on her door and was met with silence. Perhaps she was out. I danced in to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich, and then went to my room. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my wall.

So Anna was here...

I went to her door and opened it, peering in. It was dark, and I saw the shape of Anna in her bed.

"Anna? Hey, why are you sitting in the dark?" I crept across to her and sat on her bed. She peered out at me, her eyes red. She'd been crying. "What's wrong?" I asked, pulling her in to a hug. She shuffled to sit next to me, and leant her head on my shoulder. Tears fell from her eyes again.

"Cara... I did it."

"Did what?"

"I... you know."

"No..." I tried to think of what Anna could... mean. "Anna... you don't mean..."

"I had sex with Matt!" She burst out, and I had a horrible deja vu moment from this mornings play. That was probably why I answered:

"YOU DID WHAT?" My voice was louder than I thought, and at another outburst of tears from Anna I quietened and hugged her. "But you love him! It's a good thing if you love him! Isn't it? You do... you do love him don't you?" I asked her, stroking her hair.

The End

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