Cara: ForgivenMature

My heart burst as she pulled me close and whispered those two words.

"I'm sorry."

My hope and friendship was restored in two words. I cried even harder and hugged her tighter, and then when we finally released each other I wiped away my tears of joy.

"Thank goodness. I was so afraid..."

"Honestly, I was being so stupid... it just gave me a shock is all."

"I know... it gave me a shock too."

We sat on her bed and leaned on the pillows.

"What's... what's it like?"


"Being... you know... a lesbian."

"Normal. There's nothing different about it. In all honesty, that's all I can say."

"How far did you and Amy....?"

"...Oh god, um, only kissing. Seriously. I mean I'm upset that it's over..." Here I realised how upset I was..."but I realise that there was too much  pressure on it. If Tamara went and Amy came up to me and asked me if we could start over, I would."


"Yes. Just to see where it would end."

"I still can't believe it."

"Me neither Anna, me neither."

The End

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