Anna: The Pandora BeadMature

If you really were my true friend, it wouldn't. If I was your best friend you'd accept this, and see how hard it is for me," Cara said sobbing slightly, "to deal with all these new feelings. And Amy... well... Tamara's ruined that. We're not together anymore...." she finished, letting out a breath.

I sighed, and pressed my face into my hands, I couldn’t think of anything to say so I let Cara’s words linger in the air, trying to construct a sentence in my head but for some reason my head didn’t want to co-operate.

I could feel something wet splash into my hands and I realized that I was crying silent tears. Did the fact that Cara was gay affect our friendship? I mean we had been through thick and thin together. I glanced down at the Pandora charm bracelet on my wrist, looking particularly close at the one with two tiny silver bears hugging and the words Best Friend engraved underneath it.

This charm had been the first charm on my Pandora bracelet and I could still remember the day that Cara had given it to me like it was yesterday.

It had been my 18th birthday and Cara had insisted that she took me for a drink in the pub and I had gone, all be it unwillingly as it was only eleven in the morning …. But I had gone.

Cara bought a bottle of bubbly over from the bar, and passed one glass to me along with a small square present. I unwrapped it curiously and there was the Pandora charm.

“But I haven’t got a Pandora bracelet” I had said and at these words she pulled out another present and thrust it forward for me to open. I unwrapped it and there was the silver charm bracelet with my name engraved into the stopper bead. And I haven’t removed it from my wrist since.

I fiddled with the bead then got shakily to my feet and walked towards Cara, slowly pulling her into a hug and sobbing with words,

“I’m sorry” into her shoulder.

The End

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