"It looks like you are leaving." I said, hoping it wasn't true.

"Well done, give the lesbian a medal." She said, and her voice was so malicious I flinched.

"But where are you going?" My voice cracked with the force of the crying I was keeping surpressed.

"The moon, where do you think? I am moving in to halls so I don't have to be in the same flat as you!" She spat, and I felt as though my heart had cracked with her cruel glance and words. I had to give it one more chance....

"Please don't go." I pleaded and she whirled to face me.

"Why? Give me one good reason."

"Just let me explain" I begged, unwilling to let her leave and feeling hot tears spill down my cheeks.

She considered, then sat on her bed.

"Ok, explain..... I am listening."

Relief washed over me, followed by a dread of getting my words wrong, of causing more pain.

"This... me being..." I calmed myself and wished I could sit on the bed, because I felt so self conscious standing over her. A deep breath later and I was as ready as I was ever going to be. "Me liking women... it's only happened since uni. I didn't know before. And I got here, and I met Amy... and something clicked. I didn't know before, else I'd have told you. And I didn't tell you yet, because I was too scared of what you would think..." A bitter tone appeared in my voice, "... and apparently I was right about that."

Anna sat in silence in front of me, but I could see that the last part had upset her.

"But what I'm trying to say is... it doesn't change me. I'm still the same. Who knows, I might be bisexual. I might be a lesbian. But does that change the fact that I've been your best friend since we were little? Does that change everything about all our years together? If you really were my true friend, it wouldn't. If I was your best friend you'd accept this, and see how hard it is for me," Here a sob escpaed for my throat, "to deal with all these new feelings. And Amy... well... Tamara's ruined that. We're not together any more...."

I let out a breath, one that I didn't realise I was holding, and waited for her response.

The End

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