Anna: Spilt SecretsMature

I stormed out of the dance studio in utter shock, had that really happened … had Cara and her dance teacher really just kissed? My mind was buzzing, I was shocked and angry and unset and mixed in with all that was also confusion.

“Anna” Cara shouted, but I kept on walking, I didn’t want to listen to reason.

“Anna, stop please, just listen to me” Cara pleaded, clutching a stitch in her side as she had evidently run as fast as she could to catch up with me.

“I don’t want to fucking hear it Cara” I yelled, wiping away a few tears which had slipped from my eyes down my face, “All these years we have been best friends and you kept the biggest secret of your life from me!”

“I didn’t”

“Oh so is it common knowledge that you’re like that and I am just the last to know?” I spat, “Because in all the years I have known you I thought you would have told me.”

“All those times we have got changed in the same room, have you been secretly checking me out?” I asked indignantly, “Because I tell you something girl …. I am not a lesbian, if you were truly my friend you would have told me straight away.”

“It’s just happened” Cara sobbed and I snorted derisively.

“Things like that don’t just happen overnight” I snapped, “…and I don’t want anything more to do with you Cara Gramms.”

I began to walk away but then stopped and whirled around to face her once more, she was crying but I was so enraged that I didn’t even care. I walked towards her and said in a dangerously quiet voice,

“You know, I am not a homophobe, I do not judge people who choose to be like that. It’s not the fact that you are one … well it is slightly, it’s more the fact that you lied that I want nothing to do with you.”

I turned on my heel and walked slowly back to the flat, with the intention of packing my stuff up and finding alternate accommodation for me and Matt as soon as I could, I couldn't stay in the same flat as Cara.

The End

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