Cara: Awkward...Mature

Anna emerged in to the dance room behind me and both Amy and Tamara were instantly curious.

"This must be Anna!" Amy exclaimed after a few seconds, smiling and moving forward to shake her hand. Anna looked a little bewildered that my teacher was bothered who she was, let alone knew. "Cara has told me so much about you!"

"Ummm... thanks? She talks about you all the time."

I blushed, although Anna did not know the reason.

We began to warm up, Anna watching. I could see her eyes narrow when Tamara dictated to me, especially when it was clear I wasn't doing anything wrong. Eventually, when she gripped my foot and twisted it with more force than neccessary, so that I almost fell, I turned on her.

"Look Tamara, back off!" I said, angry that she was being so nasty, and that she only did it when Amy wasn't looking.

"I'm just trying to correct you." Tamara said in an innocent voice as Amy turned to stare.

"But I didn't need correcting then, AND you almost made me fall!"

"Well then your balance wasn't right." She smirked a little.

"Tamara, Cara's balance has always been fine..." Amy said.

Tamara looked like she would argue but instead shrugged, turning back to face the front. I could see Anna scowling.

The rest of the lesson went without any more input from Tamara. I was glad she had been silenced. At the end I went to pick my bag up. As I turned I found Amy in front of me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and reached up, her lips locking on mine. There was a bang, and we both jumped, turning to see Anna, who had dropped the bottle she was holding. Her eyes were wide in shock, and she was staring at me....

"Oh shit... Anna..."

Anna ran. The door swung shut as I yelled after her, and then I felt Amy's hand on my arm.

"I'm sorry... I thought you'd told her... I thought that was why she was here."

"It's fine... just she's probably freaking..."

"Ha, can't even tell your best friend you're gay? Bet you aren't really... you had better not be trying it out on Amy!" Tamara butted in.

"Tam..." Amy said, slightly annoyed.

"No, you know what. I'm sick of you Tamara. Back off ok?"

"Woah, bitchy!"

"You've been on my case- just because I'm going out with the girl you're in love with! Well too bad, you missed your chance!"

"Wait, what?" Amy said.

"She's been threatening me because she wants you for herself...!" I yelled.

"How dare you!" Tamara screeched.

"Wait, you two... Tam why didn't you tell me...?"

"Oh my god!" I yelled. "You like her still? She's been threatening me Amy!"

"Cara... I can't imagine Tam would..."

"Oh great, so you're siding with her?"

"No I..."

"You know what, forget it. I hope you two are happy together!" And with that I stormed after Anna, determined to explain to her the situation.

The End

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