Anna: I'm Coming With YouMature

I awoke bleary eyed to find myself in my bedroom, but I couldn’t remember how I had gotten there.

I had obviously been carried to bed after falling into an alcohol induced sleep. I sat up, a little too quickly and felt slightly nauseous but this hangover was nothing compared to the hangover I’d had on my first night out. I had a vague recollection of being forced to drink some coffee when Cara and I had got back so assumed that was the reason why I wasn’t feeling so hung-over.

I shuffled tiredly into the kitchen and filled a pint glass with some cool water, trying to wake myself up. It had been ages since I had been out with Cara and despite the slight hangover as a consequence of having too much to drink I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Cara shuffled sleepily into the room not long after, she looked as though she had drunk a lot last night too, on any note she looked rough and it had been me that had almost carried her back to the flat, moaning that she couldn’t walk in a straight line. I remembered vividly demanding that she walked in a straight line, trying to show her how it was done and not being able to do it myself.

“Morning” she mumbled.

“Morning” I said, fighting back a yawn.

“Good night?” she asked me simply.

“Yup” I replied taking another sip of the cool water.

We both stood there (or leaned in my case as I was leaning lazily against the work surface) neither of us wanting to break the awkward silence. Matt entered the kitchen and that was when Cara made her excuse to leave mumbling something about needing a shower.

“Hanging much?” Matt asked me with a smile, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Not as much as usual… I have a vague recollection about being forced to drink a mug of coffee last night.”

Matt chuckled, “Yeah you were veryverydrunk and I knew that if you went to bed without drinking some coffee first you wouldn’t be well this morning.”

“I don’t remember going to bed last night though?” I said raising my eyebrow at Matt who had just smiled broadly at me.

“You fell asleep on Cara and I carried you to bed” He admitted, “You looked so beautiful when you were asleep, I didn’t want to wake you.”

I smiled, standing on my tip toes and giving him a soft kiss which soon became more passionate and lustful. I inhaled his sweet scent, focusing on nothing but him …. He was all that mattered.


I flicked absentmindedly though the channels, daytime TV was such a bore and there was never anything of any interest on. Cara and Matt had both had lectures so I was left with nothing to do … Well, I say nothing but if I had the motivation I could have made a start of some of the reading that we had to read for Psychology, but I really had no motivation to even try and read the thick mountain of books which were slowly mounting up in my bedroom.

The front door clicked shut and I got slowly to my feet and peered around the door to see who had arrived back. It was Cara, she looked flustered and it looked as though she’d run from the lecture hall on the other end of campus back to the flat.

“I’m late” she mumbled when she caught sight of me.

“What for?” I asked her puzzled as I followed her into her bedroom where she threw her bag onto the floor and began routing though a pile of clothes on her floor.

“Dance of course” she said, pulling a black leotard from the mound of clothes which was beginning to resemble the wall of China.

“But wont your dance teachers friend be there, the one who you said didn’t like you” I asked.

Cara froze, “uh god she will, she’ll criticize everything I do” Cara moaned her head in her hands.

“But she won’t if I’m there to watch your back” I said, hoping she’d get the subtle hint and let me come with her to watch her dance.

“I’ll stick up for you, I’ve watched you dance hundreds of times to know that you dance perfectly … you don’t need someone who hasn’t the faintest clue about dancing correcting you.” I said making her blush slightly.

“Unfortunately Tamara does know quite a lot about dancing, you should have seen her dance last n…. last dance lesson” she moaned. I gave Cara a penetrating blue eyed stare, “There is something you’re not telling me, you were going to say last night weren’t you?” I questioned.

“No!” Cara said a little too quickly for it to be true, I opened my eyes wider and she sighed, “Alright, I was going to say last night … when you went to get your ID I saw Tamara and Amy dancing together and Tamara threatened me when Amy went to the toilet.”

“She did what!” I exclaimed, I suddenly felt very protective over my best friend, no-one had ever threatened Cara before and been able to upset her, for I could tell she was upset even if she wasn’t showing it.

“Yeah, she said she didn’t like me and didn’t like me near Amy as she was her friend and if she didn’t like me then she didn’t want me hanging around with Amy” she said clenching her fists lightly as she recalled it.

“Well that settles it, I am coming with you, to make sure she doesn’t threaten you again” I said holding my hand out to stop her protests and in the end she conceded and stopped thinking up excuses as to why I shouldn’t come.

“One thing though, don’t say anything to Tamara, just watch”

“Yes mum” I said sighing and giggling slightly at her whist dodging a playful poke.  

The End

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